Frank Further Provides Addictive Fun for Everyone!

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As children, our parents always told us not to play with our food.  Some consider the action disgusting, while others find it purely disrespectful to the cook.  But what if there was a way to politely break the rules and have a grand ol’ time in the process?

Well, with Frank Further by Metaversal Studios, you can make your hot dog and throw it, too.  As the sequel to Hot Dog Down a Hallway, Frank Further continues the wiener-slinging theme as it expands upon the same goal – shoot your hot dog as far down the hallway as you possibly can.  Simply make your hot dog, aim and launch, tilting and shifting your device as the wiener flies, avoiding obstacles and utilizing the items in your path to maximize its distance (and your score).

When you begin, Frank Further will initially ask you if you would like to activate OpenFeint, a score-tracking system employed by many other competitive games as well.  If you have a pre-existing account, you may log in, while those new to the system must create an account.  Of course, there is the option to skip and avoid OpenFeint altogether, but I certainly do not recommend it.  With OpenFeint, users have access to and are ranked on a global leaderboard and have access to Frank Further’s 16 unique, unlockable achievements.  This way, Frank Further combines your personal frank flinging fun with the incentive of competitive rankings to suck you in and make you become even more addicted than if you were simply trying to beat your personal best.

Frank Further offers users three different stages, each with scores ranked separately and overall in the game as a whole.  Though each comes with their own individual art style and entertaining quirk, they all feature the same basic controls.  Choosing from the diner menu interface, users can pick from the Retro, Clay or Remix themes.

Retro is a distinct throwback to the simplicity of the classic 8-bit style of Super Nintendo games, tossing in the added joy of the invincibility cherries you will surely want to gobble up on your way down the path.  While the Clay theme calls to mind the popular 3D animation of your favorite stop-motion holiday classics, and the Remix theme takes its cue from Hot Dog Down a Hallway’s graphics, these two stages present the same basic obstacles: crabs and fans.  Watch the claws of the crabs for they will chop your frank to pieces, but do what you can to use the fan to your advantage, helping your frank fly further with a burst of gusty wind.  However, land on the fan wrong and watch your wiener’s journey come to a halt as it falls to the floor in sad, yet ultimately tasty slices of pork.

At the beginning of each stage, users will find a helpful tutorial that will explain the necessary controls and the function of each item.  For a refresher, the tutorials are constantly readily available by tapping ‘Help!’ in the upper left corner.  Then, tap the provided pig to send him into the meat grinder.  (For those who’d rather shield themselves or their children from the semi-gruesome cartoon cut-up of the pig, you may want to opt for the “vegetarian” choice, which lets you toss a carrot or turnip down the hall instead.)

Once your pig has been chopped and turned into a hot dog, drag the launcher to aim and watch the power meter.  The higher the power level, the better your wiener’s launch will be.  When you’re ready to launch, simply tap the grinder to send the frank flying, tilting your device left and right to help your wiener along the way.  It may take multiple tries to get the hang of each level individually, as they are all slightly different, but once you find your rhythm, you’ll be surprised at just how many franks you start flinging.  After just a few minutes, I landed my name amongst the top 100 in each category.  With such a great start, it’s hard not to latch on and keep tossing until your reach that number one position.

And, for those who wish there was even more to Frank Further, never fear: their App Store description they already reveal that they are “cooking up” a new stage that will be “served up” as a “free refill” for customers.  Excitement and creativity abound!

**Update 30/10/2010**

Metaversal Studios has just updated Frank Further in time for Halloween with FrankenFurther, which adds spooky ambiance and a number of new gameplay features, including both indoor and outdoor environments, secret passages and a new set of “Top Dog” achievements.


Frank Further requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

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