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Play Classic Board Games on iPad for Free With GameRoom

TweetPrice: Free    Score: 9/10    By S. Campbell I’m a big fan of classic board games, and the iPad is really the perfect device for them. The large screen allows for the type of natural gameplay that you would expect on a traditional wooden playing board. Developed by Metaversal Studios, GameRoom is a 100% free app […]


Barclaycard iPhone Rollercoaster Extreme

TweetBarclaycard are following up on the incredible success of the Barclaycard Waterslide Extreme game (12 million downloads to date) with a new release for iPhone – Barclaycard Rollercoaster Extreme. Developed in conjunction with Dare Digital Ltd. Rollercoaster Extreme puts you on an exhilarating ride on eight unique tracks around New York City. Tilt your iPhone […]


Simple Concept, Challenging Game: Chain Contingency

TweetPrice: $0.99   Score: 8/10    By M. Schusterman Here is one of those games that you open and, without any instruction, play. I had no idea what type of game this was – Crusader Storm LLC’s website said I was a Numerian defending my homeland against the vicious Letterians, so I expected some sort of bloody […]