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Go on a Spinning Streak to Vegas

TweetPrice: FREE   Score: 9/10   By M. Schusterman With this game, it’s not that it requires building of skill and points to succeed. It’s just flat out fun. Spinning Streak, designed by Mad Media Labs, puts you in the spotlight as a coin spinning act climbing your way to the top. You know, like the […]


URrights DWI: Know Your Rights in an Emergency

TweetPrice: $.99  Score: 10/10  By Michelle Schusterman The rule is simple enough; don’t drink and drive. But even the most responsible adults are faced with situations where we wonder if what we’ve had counts, if we are safe to drive, and if we’re putting ourselves at risk of being arrested for DWI. URrights DWI, designed […]


Save Teddy: Cute for Kids, Challenging for Adults

TweetPrice: $1.99   Score: 9/10   By Michelle Schusterman Download this one for the kids, and you’ll find yourself hooked. I’m not going to disclose how long I spent trying to get through all the levels of Save Teddy, but suffice it to say it was tough to put down. The object of the game, designed by […]