Toy Physics: Beautiful Game for Any Age

Price: $1.99   Score: 10/10   By M. SchustermanToy Physics

A confession: I don’t play games on my iPhone. Well, regularly. When it comes to apps, I’ve always been more interested in productivity, utility, and some entertainment stuff.

But very occasionally, I get a game that I know I won’t be deleting.

Playing Toy Physics reminded me of the first time I saw Toy Story. How quickly I went from thinking it was going to be just a cute kid’s movie to something much more.

Don’t be fooled by the toy theme and almost Harry Potter-esque music – this Athos game is for all ages. The concept is one of those that is difficult to explain in words, but instantly obvious when you watch someone play for a few seconds. Carts roll along at the bottom of the screen, toys fall from the top, you have to guide them into the cart by swiping lines, and there are (of course) obstacles in your way.

The game comes with three levels of difficulty (Normal, Hard, Expert) and forty gameplay levels, and there’s also a free lite version available. The lines you draw with your finger aren’t permanent – delete them with a tap or by drawing another line. At the top of the screen, you’ll see your goal for the level; maybe seven toys in a cart. But for each toy that falls outside of the cart, you get a strike – three and you’re out.

The Expert level is no joke. With a lot of toys falling, it doesn’t take long until three hit the ground and you’re done. And I love the creativity of the obstacles; for example, in one level the toys fall onto a weighted sort of pulley, and the weight of one toy isn’t enough to fall through. You have to let the toys pile up, then either guide them quickly to a cart or you’ll end up with way more than three strikes. It’s called Toy Physics for a reason – the obstacles deal with balancing, water and even hydraulics.

A lot of care and thought was put into the graphics and music; the game is gorgeous and fluid. Definitely worth the $1.99, but if you aren’t sure I highly recommend checking out the free version to give it a test.

Toy Physics requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer in order to speed up the publication of this review.

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