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Price: Free   Score: 10/10   By Anna PapachristosSwamiCity New York

Traveling is simultaneously fun and stressful, but once you reach you destination, the fun is supposed to kick into high gear, making the struggles of your trek a distant memory.  So what happens when you arrive and still have no idea what landmarks to visit or where to dine?

With SwamiCity by SwamiCity, users can search for a plethora of dining, entertainment and shopping hotspots using just one app.  SwamiCity offers eight different apps, all free, each dedicated to a different major U.S. city: Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, San Diego, New York and San Francisco (with many more in the works!)

The SwamiCity series allows users to access up to 30 different types of apps in one, providing users with a free resource that keeps them from having to switch back and forth between apps dedicated to only a single task.  Even those who reside in a given city can benefit from SwamiCity’s genuine ease, perhaps helping them discover new places to visit and dine they were unaware of beforehand.

Start up the SwamiCity version devoted to the city of your choice and you will see a button in the top left that has the city’s name labeled underneath.  (Being an East Coast girl myself, I chose to focus on New York City and Boston.)  Here, users can read about the city, learn about its various neighborhoods and find a list of important phone numbers they may need.

The remaining buttons on the screen help users find places falling into specific categories: Dining, Shopping, Near Me, Clubs, Concerts, Theater, Performing Arts, Attractions, Museums, Galleries, Tours, Hotels, Flights and Airports.  With “Near Me,” iPhone users can use their GPS to identify restaurants, pubs, clubs or shows within their general vicinity when they allow SwamiCity to determine their current location.  Users may also enjoy the convenience of being able to check subway maps, call for a cab and check traffic conditions.

When you find a place you enjoy, save it to your favorites, broken into various categories: Attractions, Art & Music; Dining; Shopping; Club; and Hotel.  At times when you are stumped and not sure where to dine, use “Ask the Swami” and SwamiCity will randomly suggest a restaurant already marked on your favorites list.

Users may peruse the lists provided under the given categories, or they may specifically search for items based on location, title or category.  Once you find an interesting spot, SwamiCity provides the spot’s address, a Google map and directions on how to get there, and buttons that allow you to access the street view, Wikipedia page, email address and phone number of your place of interest.  Users may also use the convenient “Favorites” button to add it to their growing list.

In addition, SwamiCity allows for easy access to Yelp reviews and links users to Twitter so they can quickly and easily upload their favorite travel photos to the site.  Oh, and don’t forget – every SwamiCity app is free!  Even if you download one version and come to completely disagree with my assessment, what do you have to lose?  And believe me, you have oh so much more to gain, like peace of mind, for instance.  Never have I ever seen an app make visiting a city seem so stress-free.

SwamiCity requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer in order to speed up the publication of this review.

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