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Price: $.99   Score: 9/10   By Nancy JonesMyStatusMonkey

The iPhone has made keeping up with your social media contacts easier than ever.  You can, one at a time, open the apps for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tuenti, Bebo and iWikiPhone and post whenever you want.  That’s not difficult, right? However, it gets even easier.  With MyStatusMonkey, developed by, you can update all of your accounts at once, all from the one app.  Cyber communication just took a leap forward.

Developed with input from the user community, this app has an appealing (no pun intended) icon of a happy monkey face.  When you open MyStatusMonkey you see a text box and are ready to start typing. However, before you can send out any messages, you need to go to the settings screen and click “connect” for each of your social networks and enter your sign-on information and passwords.  Then, whenever you want to send a message, the app has the information it needs to sign on, and post messages.

Prompts appear as you type your message to show how many characters you have left.  The font is very legible.  Once you finish typing, you just click, “update status” and the screen changes to the icons for the various social network sites. The icons shimmy as the updates go out.   The message, Success! Everything is done!” is your confirmation that your latest inspirational thoughts are live and ready for comments from your friends and followers. You can then go back to the main screen and create another message.

Most iPhone app reviews require long explanations and examples devoted to how to use each feature.  This app has two screens – settings and update status.  Clearly, the user community that helped develop this app provided excellent feedback to the developer.   There is no need for a FAQ page because the app has one function and does it well.  You will find one screen devoted to iWikiphone.  It is equivalent to an “about” screen on the internet.

My only suggestion for improvement is to add a screen or functionality that allows you to go to the social media sites within this app so you can see your postings.

Some apps end up in the wilderness of my iPhone screens.  MyStatusMonkey will stay in the active category.  It is so easy to post a message and I can see I will be posting more often.  That, I believe, is the purpose of social media, to encourage us to communicate with each other.  On all counts, the app is a success.  Any app that saves me time is an app that I must have. Is making your life easier worth 99 cents?  My answer is yes.

MyStatusMonkey is compatible with iPhone, iPad touch or iPad and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.  A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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    Nice review for a very cool application

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