My Celebtwin Doesn’t Dazzle with Doppelgangers

Price: $3.99   Score: 6/10   By Anna PapachristosMy celebtwin

Whether famous or infamous, many of today’s most notorious celebrities have become household names.  And while some present us with a great example of how not to live our lives, others memorize us with their style, grace and beauty.  Both men and women try to emulate their favorite stars with the dream of someday being in their shoes (figuratively, of course).

But what if you already resemble a certain celebrity, even if you don’t quite see the same similarities?  With My Celebtwin by Ivango, users can play around to discover which celebrities they most closely resemble.  Simply take a photo of yourself, a friend or family member and upload that photo to My Celebtwin’s server so it may begin calculating your celebrity doppelganger.

With what Ivango deems a “huge database” of celebrity photos, encompassing practically every star imaginable, My Celebtwin uses the same algorithm used by police for face detection amongst criminals – a technology developed right within the company.

The App Store description advises that, for the best results, users should only submit human photographs for detection services, for it will not recognize any sort of animal photo.  (And it’s true, I tested this out to make sure.)  Simply look straight ahead at the camera and be sure not to tilt or turn you head to the side because of the highly sensitive detection software.  Your face should take up the majority of the screen in order to receive the most accurate result possible.  (Users can test the free version of My Celebtwin, but it only allows male face recognition.)

However, getting these results is not quite as easy as one may think.  When using the ‘Take Photo’ option on the home screen, My Celebtwin would then attempt to load the picture to their server so it could be scanned for face recognition.  The only problem was that I consistently needed to take the person’s picture at least twice because upon first scan, My Celebtwin would come back by saying that my Internet connection was somehow interrupted and that it was unable to connect to the server.  Plus, once we did receive results, we all agreed that our supposed doppelgangers hardly even resembled even the smallest features of our faces.

Also, My Celebtwin was entirely unresponsive when attempting to test the ‘Choose Photo’ option.  This option supposedly allows users to choose a photo from their pre-existing image gallery on their phone and discover who that person’s celebrity doppelganger may be.  After trying what felt like a million times to upload an array of various photos with the subject in clear light, facing forward, My Celebtwin insisted there was no face to be found and that it was sorry I was unable to obtain my desired results.  This doesn’t bode well for potential iPod Touch customers, whose only option is the ‘Choose Photo’ button because their device does not have a camera.

Thinking the photo may have been overly flooded with light, I attempted to take a photo of myself in the lowest light possible and see if My Celebtwin was able to conjure up some matches.  Though I was once again confused as to how I looked like these stars, my results still revealed that even in the faintest of lights, my face was still detectable and that the ‘Choose Photo’ option must have a bug.

My Celebtwin does certainly provide entertainment, though it is mostly derived from the fact that you and your friends will be left laughing at your unlikely matches.  But, for $3.99, the only true laughter will be that which comes after you realize you’ve wasted a decent chunk of change.

My Celebtwin requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer in order to speed up the publication of this review.

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