Invaders World Tour Successfully Recreates the Retro Game

Price: $0.99   Score: 10/10   By Anna PapachristosInvaders World Tour

Perhaps my inner nerd had reared its silly head.  Perhaps I remain nostalgic for games that evoke the same feel as my favorite arcade classics.  Perhaps I’m sounding a lot older than I actually am.  Do I care?  No.

Thanks to Invaders World Tour by MeYuMe, I have officially found the next iPhone app that will be responsible for draining my battery at record speeds due to obsessive amounts of game play.  Much like the retro arcade classic, Space Invaders, Invaders World Tour takes gamers through over 60 levels of world-saving excitement.  Battling for the salvation of 12 different countries, users must protect the world, which has come under attack.

Destroy Swoopers in New York, blow up Saucers in France, kill Crawlers in the United Kingdom and pounce on Packers in Canada.  All one has to do is start up the app, where they will be taken to the main screen.  If you want to adjust your settings before beginning a game, use the appropriately named ‘Settings’ button.  There is even a setting for left handed users!

The ‘Help’ button on the main screen explains in succinct detail exactly how to play.  Simply tilt the screen left and right depending on where your ship is and where you want it to be.  To shoot the alien creatures as they descend from space, just keep tapping the screen.  When all are destroyed, ‘Level Cleared!’ will pan across the screen and move you to the next level.  The further you proceed, the closer you get to saving all the countries in question.

To pause a game, simply tap the pause button in the top right corner of the game play screen.  The icon, however, is rather opaque and may be overlooked at first.

When Saucers explode, a white ball of light will stream down from the sky.  Shoot this ball in order to upgrade your weapons, ship and defense system.  Use these upgrades to your advantage while protecting your ship and the shields provided.

This game runs so smoothly, and with its intuitive tilt screen controls, you don’t even really need instructions to just pick it up and begin playing.  And it’s only a dollar!  Did I emphasize that?  You can’t get this much fun for so little these days!  Invaders World Tour is perfect for anyone who loves the simple, yet challenging nature of classic arcade games.

For a YouTube video demonstration of how to play Invaders World Tour, click here.

Invaders World Tour requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small fee was paid by the developer to expedite the publication of this review.

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  1. David John says:

    Try to buy this game and it worth more $0.99. Fantastic classic gameplay, graphics and sound.

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