iMoto Intercom Makes for a Joyful Ride

Price: $1.99   Score: 8/10   By Anna PapachristosiMoto Intercom

When riding a motorcycle, communication between bikers can be quite difficult.  While expensive intercom systems do exist, it seems the life of a biker exists in a lonely world, fast and cluttered with white noise until the speedometer reads zero.

However, thanks to the creation of iMoto Intercom by Matteo Giavazzi, bikers who own an iPhone or iPod Touch may use their device as an intercom between them and their riding buddy.  Using the device’s built-in Bluetooth technology, iMoto Intercom provides users with a cheaper communication alternative that allows users to talk with other drivers, or their passenger, as they travel.

Not only is iMoto Intercom a mere $1.99, but users also save money because they do not have to buy any extra equipment to utilize this convenient app.  Simply use your Apple earphones (with microphone), lock your screen and put your device safely in your pocket.  Your may also connect your gadget to your helmet if it has been designed with a built-in audio headset.  Also, iMoto’s Automatic Reconnection feature guarantees that, even if your conversation is interrupted by a phone call or message, your conversation will be restored as soon as possible.

To set up your device’s connection with another iPhone or iPod Touch, users need only follow iMoto’s simple instructions that are given right within the app.  First, users must obviously turn on their gadget’s Bluetooth capabilities in order to link the two devices.  Then, within iMoto’s Settings menu, the two users must choose a Communication Key of six digits that is unique to only them and no other drivers within range.  Once the key has been chosen, simply push the green button in the middle of the screen and wait until the connection has officially been established.  Once this is complete, you and your partner are good to go!

iMoto Intercom works within a 20-meter range, meaning you can use this with basically anyone as long as they remain within eyesight range.  Also, iMoto requires minimal battery life, allowing up to five hours of usage.

As both iMoto’s App Store description and the developer’s YouTube informational video point out, iMoto Intercom does indeed provide a wonderful, cost-efficient convenience.  Whether driving for sport, through regular traffic, or even long distance, iMoto allows users to easily share directions with one another, warn of upcoming danger and road issue, and overall share the joys of riding with another person instead of leaving it a lonely effort.  Because, whether we are journeying down a proverbial path, or traveling down a real road, having a companion to share the ride with is something you can’t quite put a price on, anyway.

iMoto Intercom requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer in order to speed up the publication of this review.

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3 Responses to “iMoto Intercom Makes for a Joyful Ride”

  1. Great post, thanks. And it seems crazy the developers have no website – you’re doing them a great service – by writing a great review but also because your review comes up at the top of the listings for this app.

    I don’t know and don’t much care if it works well on a motorbike. I don’t own a bike but I do see excellent opportunities for other uses. Thanks again!

  2. Azog says:

    This program does not work on IOS5! ! !
    Developers are alive at all?

  3. Brad says:

    There are lots of reports about iMoto not working on recent versions of ios. I bought MotaCom instead which works fine on ios 5 and 6. It’s cheaper too!

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