iFlexis Builds an Inventive, New Gaming World

Price: $.99   Score: 9/10   By Anna PapachristosiFlexis

Blocks are an integral part of our world at play.  When we are young, we build imaginary forts and castles with wooden blocks, employing our wild, childish imaginations to their fullest extent.  As we grown older, blocks take on a virtual appeal in the form of games like Tetris and Puzzle Fighter.

But now, with technology expanding at a rapid pace, so is the ability to create new and innovative games such as iFlexis by Thumbstar Games, which combines the real world feel of the wooden blocks of our youth with the virtual Tetris blocks we have all come to manipulate.  iFlexis presents users with 3 games in one – marathon, mission and classic – that feature colorful blocks interacting with each other in a unique, logical and life-like manner.

iFlexis offers over 50 levels of game play with increasing difficulty in the form of 5 different modes: classic, elimination, challenge, marathon and panic.  The idea is to match 3 colored blocks in a row, eliminating them from the board and increasing your score.  Players must keep blocks within the game field in order to win because, much like Tetris, once the blocks begin to accumulate and flood the screen, that particular game is over.

The home screen presents a main menu, which provides all the necessary buttons: Start Game, High Scores, Options, Help and About.  The high scores are listed in 3 sets based on the three different gaming types – mission, classic and marathon.  However, all players must start with mission mode in order to unlock class and marathon mode.  The latter two will only unlock once all levels of mission mode have been completed.  Each mode has different requirements for success.  When playing mission mode, gamers must complete all levels, as previously stated.  Classic mode requires gamers to score as many points as they can, and marathon mode means users must try to survive as long as possible.

Upon first play, users will begin with a handy and helpful tutorial that teaches you all the necessary moves you need to successfully navigate your way to level completion!  Simply use your finger to rotate and move the falling blocks into the position you wish.  However, unlike Tetris, these blocks won’t just set into place nice and neatly.  Using the principles of physics, iFlexis gives users a realistic feel by having those falling blocks have a distinct impact on the blocks they land upon.  They move and shift all over the place, making your job a little more difficult and entertainingly challenging.

As you earn points, players may also earn bonuses in the forms of extra bombs and detonators to use when things get difficult and destroying a significant amount of blocks is necessary for your survival.  Also, the Cloner block comes in handy because, whichever colored block it lands on, it will automatically take on that block’s color as well, perhaps clearing a string of blocks right then and there.

This innovative approach truly does make addictive game play.  I found myself mesmerized and in a daze until the screen began to flood and the game ended.  After completing each level, I could not help but proceed to the next, wondering if I would be able to meet the next challenge and continue to advance even further.

For a YouTube demonstration of iFlexis, click here.

iFlexis requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer in order to speed up the publication of this review.

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