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Price: $.99   Score: 7/10   By Anna PapachristosTextClip Anywhere

Ever since Apple implemented the Copy and Paste feature for iPhone and iPod Touch, sharing various items has become significantly easier.  However, such devices have a very small clipboard, only allowing you to copy one passage at a time, replacing its memory with whatever you may copy next.

But now, with TextClip Anywhere by Unit Kay, users can copy multiple items to their clipboard and easily access these passages when they need them most.  TextClip Anywhere allows users to copy and store up to 20 passages of up to 100 characters apiece and paste them into a variety of applications.

Simply highlight your desired passage like you would when copying normally and tap the ‘Copy’ option.  Your selection will automatically appear within TextClip Anywhere, with no need to launch the application prior to its use.  These clips will can also be found listed at the bottom of your ‘Contacts’ list.

TextClip Anywhere’s description suggests users store their name, email address, blog URL and Twitter hash tags so they may conveniently paste frequently used items into Text Messages and applications such as Safari, Notes, Mail (with iPhone OS 3.12 required) and a myriad of Twitter applications (including SimplyTweet, Tweetie 2, TweetFooter, Tweetings Lite, Tweetings, TwitBird Free, TwitBird Pro, TwitBird Premium, Twitterific, and Twittelator Pro).

The only strange, and slightly hindering aspect, of TextClip Anywhere is the fact that, to use it properly, users must turn on their keyboard’s Japanese QWERTY capabilities.  With this enabled, all users will have to do is tap the globe-like icon next to the spacebar in order to switch between their chosen language and that of the Japanese keyboard.

However, based on the screenshot of TextClip Anywhere featured in the App Store, which also doubles as an instructional image, managing the copy and paste features were still too confusing.  Based on what is circled in the image, it appears the question mark on the Japanese keyboard will supposedly allow users to access the clipboard and choose which item they want to paste from there.  Unfortunately, all that appeared were question marks, none of my clips.  Multiple attempts still left me baffled, wishing there was an instructional video, perhaps, or better step-by-step instructions.  TextClip Anywhere’s App Store description was conveniently worded in English.  Clearer instructions would have been handier than an understandable description, however.

Luckily, TextClip Anywhere still provides a convenient service because it will indeed keep a log of up to twenty, 100-character clips.  Then, by starting up the app and accessing your history, you will still be able to tap on whichever clip you wish to share and have it available for immediate use.  All things considered, TextClip Anywhere remains a fairly handy resource.

TextClip Anywhere requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

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