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Price: $1.99    Score: 8/10   By M. SchustermanCraigsEZList - craigslist made EZ

With a vast website like Craig’s List, it’s difficult to create an app that functions as a powerful search tool while still feeling manageable on an iPhone screen. CraigsEZList handles that task admirably.

Designed by Jet Money Software, this app is formatted a bit differently than other Craig’s List apps I’ve tried. For one thing, it opens to a wheel, complete with section labels and cute, almost kid-like graphics. Spin the wheel or touch the category you wish to browse.

Another feature, the one I’m digging on the most, is the presets. Most apps have the Favorites feature, and CraigsEZList is no different. But at any point during your search, whether it’s something general like “customer service jobs in Dallas” or a little more specific, as in “red 2002 Toyota Camry for less than $15k in Puyallup”, you can tap Save As Preset in the top right corner.

Your presets have their own icon next to your favorites at the bottom of the screen, so if you (like many Craig’s List users) are constantly searching for the same thing (aka “single guys/girls in -insert your city here-), you don’t need to type in the filter every time.

The layout is great – very user-friendly. And as it happens, I’m the market for some new furniture, so I had something to browse for. I found a great deal on a desk and chair set. The window in which you view the images is very classy, and I like how the text and date information are presented underneath. (You also get a small image next to each item as you search.) Tap the message icon at the bottom to reply to the poster, email to a friend, or change the font size of the text (a great touch).

I replied to the poster about the desk and chair. The email is titled for you, indicating the item in question (including price) in the subject line and a link to the post in the message. I typed a quick inquiry and hit send, and here’s where I ran into my only problem. The email closed and I was back to the post with no indication that my email was sent. Confirmation would definitely be appreciated – I really want that desk!

That issue aside, the preset feature alone is reason enough to make this your Craig’s List app of choice. For $1.99, this is a great way to browse through ads.

CraigsEZList requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (with microphone attachment). A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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