Bazz Promises to Keep You Bzzz-y

Price: $0.99   Score: 8/10   By Anna PapachristosBazz

Frustration can become an addiction.  When you are playing a game and you just know you are capable of excelling, yet are constantly obstructed by the obstacles, your irritation transforms into motivation that makes you try and try again until you inevitably succeed in what you are doing.

Though simple and straightforward, Bazz by Zuinq instills that precise feeling.  The aim of the game is to help Bazz, a bee, collect as many dandelions as possible as he flies about.  Simply tap the screen to fly higher.  Just be sure you avoid the stormy clouds and don’t fall into the grass.  Though points do add up quickly, you’d be surprised at just how difficult it is to avoid those obstacles on such a small screen.  One must bring a lot of patience and precision to the table.

Upon startup, Bazz will ask users if they want to enable OpenFeint, which is the game’s method of tracking scores.  If you already have an account, you simply have to log in to access your information.  Otherwise, users must create a new account, though they are given the option of skipping this step.  Users are also asked if they wish to connect with Twitter and Facebook so they may share their scores with friends.  Users can also share their online status and location if they desire.

The home screen shows a picture of Bazz along with three daisies that act as buttons.  Of course, the ‘Play’ daisy allows you to begin the game.  The ‘Help’ daisy provides a screen that depicts what Bazz should avoid and that which he should seek.  The best bit of advice is that, if Bazz collects five dandelions in a row, a protective bubble will be placed around him.  (I will admit, I have failed miserably at this game and have yet to collect five dandelions in a row, so I am not quite sure how long the bubble lasts, or if anything poses a threat to its presence, but it’s worthwhile protection nonetheless!)

The ‘Records’ daisy will show you the global leaderboard, displaying your current high score at the top of the page, followed by the highest scores overall below.  Here, users may also connect with friends who also have OpenFeint accounts.  If users allow Bazz to register their current location, users can also use the ‘Near Me’ tab to compare their score with other nearby players.

To celebrate the creation of their first app, Bazz’s developers have decided to sponsor a promotional survival contest for which the prize is a $25 gift card.  Users simply need to download their copy of Bazz, create an OpenFeint account if they do not have one yet and earn the highest score in the world as of June 15, of course.  While this is certainly a great excuse for rationalizing your pending addiction, I have yet to figure out where this gift card will be redeemable.  They will announce the winner on Twitter and connect with the winner so they can send their reward.

Just think – my attempts have left me with an utterly atrocious score, yet I still rank at 125 as I write this!  Why not give it a go yourself?

Bazz requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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