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Trippo VoiceMagix: Voice and Text Language Translation

TweetPrice: $9.99   Score: 9/10   By M. Schusterman Voice language translation – it’s one of those things that sounds like such a great idea for an app, but realistically you can’t help but think it would never be accurate enough to be more than just a novelty. While even the most advanced translation programs (voice or […]


Toy Physics: Beautiful Game for Any Age

TweetPrice: $1.99   Score: 10/10   By M. Schusterman A confession: I don’t play games on my iPhone. Well, regularly. When it comes to apps, I’ve always been more interested in productivity, utility, and some entertainment stuff. But very occasionally, I get a game that I know I won’t be deleting. Playing Toy Physics reminded me of […]


Rock Out With Applause Karaoke

TweetPrice: $2.99   Score: 7/10   By Michelle Schusterman The idea of using your iPhone as both karaoke screen and microphone is pretty genius, I must admit. Especially considering karaoke machines aren’t the cheapest things to rent. Applause Karaoke, designed by MEA Mobile, definitely has the right idea but misses the mark for me in a few […]


LangLearner Lessons Lessens the Language Barrier

TweetPrice: $4.99   Score: 9/10   By Anna Papachristos Perhaps you are traveling for business, or just for fun on vacation.  Maybe you have a friend or relative from a foreign country and wish you two could converse more clearly.  Or maybe you simply want to refresh your knowledge of that certain language you learned in school, […]


My Celebtwin Doesn’t Dazzle with Doppelgangers

TweetPrice: $3.99   Score: 6/10   By Anna Papachristos Whether famous or infamous, many of today’s most notorious celebrities have become household names.  And while some present us with a great example of how not to live our lives, others memorize us with their style, grace and beauty.  Both men and women try to emulate their favorite […]


iFlexis Builds an Inventive, New Gaming World

TweetPrice: $.99   Score: 9/10   By Anna Papachristos Blocks are an integral part of our world at play.  When we are young, we build imaginary forts and castles with wooden blocks, employing our wild, childish imaginations to their fullest extent.  As we grown older, blocks take on a virtual appeal in the form of games like […]

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