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Math is one of those necessary nuisances.  You can’t live with it (unless you’re a math buff), but you certainly can’t live without it.  And if you’re anything like me, anything beyond the traditional addition, subtraction, multiplication and division makes your brain want to shut down just like it did back in school.  So, when it comes to everyday calculations, anything that alleviates the burden of trying to accurately recall those lessons once learned is most definitely welcome.

Pro Tip Calculator by iSoft Solutions takes tipping to a whole new, simpler level, going above and beyond a regular calculator’s abilities.  There is truly nothing to it.  Just enter your bill’s amount using the calculator-like keypad on the left of the screen.  Then, using the spin counter, select your desired tip percentage, number of people splitting the check, and the amount of tax charged on your purchase.

With the spin counter, the icons above each column indicate what that number will represent.  Conveniently, Pro Tip Calculator allows users to quickly and easily split the check and tip fairly and evenly.  The bottom of the screen will display the total amount of the tip, followed by the total amount of the check plus the tip.  Underneath these, users will find the tip amount each member of your party paid, plus the total amount each is responsible for paying.  Users may also choose to round the totals up or down to the next whole dollar by tapping the ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ buttons on either side of the ‘Exact’ button at the bottom of the screen.

These totals can all be saved, marking the date when the tip was calculated.  If you chose to allow Pro Tip Calculator to determine your current location upon start up, the establishment’s location and address will also be stored for further reference.

At the top of the screen, in the left hand corner, users will notice two icons.  One resembles a sheet of paper, while the other looks like a floppy disk.  With these, users can access their saved information, allowing them to see how much was spent on each check by each person, as well as an overall total.  Users can also views graphs that display all their financial information, including tip, amount, each tip and each amount.  This is a great way to track your spending.

Users who allow Pro Tip Calculator to record their location can also use the app to rate the given establishment.  This will become interesting when iSoft Solutions introduces features coming soon to Pro Tip Calculator.  Soon, Pro Tip Calculator will allow social networking.  Users will be able to search for friends, make new friends, and view other people’s tips and ratings given at their current location.  Users will also be able to share their tip amount with friends so they can impress everyone with how much they give.  Not only will Pro Tip Calculator alleviate all mathematical burdens when it comes to paying a check, but soon it will also be an interesting way to connect with other consumers and compare experiences.

Pro Tip Calculator requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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