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Price: $2.99   Score:  10/10   By Lara VukelichList Monger - Lists on Steroids

When the developers of ListMonger say that it’s an app offering list making on steroids, they’re not kidding. The app by Inspiretis will allow you to make lists that are extremely organized and prioritized.

After you have named a list, you can add items to it and include details like quantity, cost and personal notes through pre-set fields. You can also add a sub-list from any item. The app allows you to set a priority level for each task or item on the list, and the priority level is represented by a color and number.

There is a column to to the right of the items in your list, the contents of which can be changed depending on what information you need to see at any given time. For example, if you select “quantity” from the list of available column headers, the quantity you’ve set for each item will appear. This allows you to easily change the information that shows up on the list page, saving you the time of having to click on each item to get specific info.

One of my favorite features of ListMonger is the ability to check off items from the list with the simple tap of your finger. You can also flag items on your list, and then either view all items or only flagged items or checked off items. Lists can also be sorted in ascending or descending order by any field, a function that might come in especially handy when you enter a date or a price for each item.

Other features of ListMonger include:

  • Backup to a PC or Mac using Wireless Internet
  • Optional password protection
  • The ability to send lists via email
  • Auto date-stamping of checked items
  • Drag and drop manual sorting of lists

I can happily say that my days of using my iPhone’s “notes” feature for lists is over. I would definitely recommend this app for anyone who is also looking for an improved way to keep track of grocery lists or weekend tasks. If you’re not convinced, you can always give ListMonger Lite a test drive, a version of the app that has limited features but will give you a feel for how it works.

ListMonger is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later. A small fee was paid by the developer to expedite the publication of this review.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Can you type a list on your computer and email it to your iphone and then drop that list into list monger (ie it is easier to type a list on a real keyboard rather than on the iphone keyboard), This would be useful for big lists like shopping lists?

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