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Price: $0.99   Score: 9/10    By Nancy JonesiCooking Salads

Craving crispy, nutritious salads?  Looking for an opportunity to dress up your greens with colorful, nutritious veggies and fruits?  Look no futher, iCooking Salads, developed by Apps of All Nations, Inc., is a great new addition to their growing list of cooking apps.  You can get new ideas for salads, make your own dressing, improve your own and your families health and have it all available on your iPhone. Does it get any easier than that?

Just like the other iCooking apps, this one is really easy to use.  The main screen offers you a choice of scrolling through all the recipes or sorting them by type.  You can also view your favorites or your own special recipes.  Choosing the “All Recipes” option allows you to scroll through 67 recipes.  The “Types of dishes” option allows you to choose from options categorized as Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter or Sauces.  You can make any of these recipes a favorite by tapping the heart at the top right hand corner of your screen.  For each recipe, you can see a photo of the finished product, the ingredients and preparation instructions.  You can also tap the “More” button and add or remove the recipe from your favorite list or send it to yourself – or friends as an email.   Another cool feature is the ability to add your own recipes into the app.  You can take a picture of it, add the list of ingredients and the prep instructions and “presto,” your salad is a part of the app.

I have found it quite useful to have a number of cooking apps on my phone.  When I am at the grocery store, I can open an app, see what ingredients I need and, by reviewing the preparation instructions, determine how much time I need.  You may wonder if you will really use these apps, and I can only tell you my personal experiences.  I’ve made dishes from the apps, shared recipes with my friends, and just the other day Iastranger walked up to me at the grocery store and asked me if I knew what kind of cheese went into quiches. I opened up the app and gave her several options. This app, and a few of the others, has definitely helped me get out of my same-old recipe rut.

As part of each cooking app review I try to make at least one of the dishes so I can give you my feedback on the process.  For this review, I chose one of my favorite salads – Caprese.   It is a simple dish – just mozzarella, tomatoes, basil leaves, olives, olive oil, salt and pepper.  There is not a lot to this salad other than slicing tomatoes and mozzarella, sprinkling it with olive oil and staging the dish to show off its beauty.  Some of the joy of this dish is in how beautiful it looks when it is done.  The crisp white mozzarella against the red tomatoes really sets it off. This is a great dish to prepare in advance of a meal and to impress your guests.  This salad goes with almost any meal – or to my mind, makes a great meal all by itself.

Could iCooking Salads be improved? It doesn’t currently have a search feature, but with only 67 recipes, it’s not that difficult to scroll down the list.  When preparing multiple dishes from the iCooking apps I would like to have an option to create a grocery list. Neither of these are showstoppers, but they would be nice to have.

I’m writing this review in the summer and it’s a great time to be making salads.  With 67 choices of salads and sauces, I can envision some great meals ahead.  It’s up to you, but for 99 cents this app seems like a bargain to me. Whenever I am looking for something quick, easy and nutritious to prepare, I’ll be opening this app.

iCooking Salads is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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