iAmHunted: Imagination Sold Separately

Price: $0.99  Score: 6/10  By Steve BeaudryiAmHunted

This is a pretty good game in the vein of your basic table-top, pencil-and-paper RPGs. In iAmHunted by Brandon Andrews, the zombie apocalypse has come and you can either hide in a trash can, kill zombies or become a zombie and kill other humans.

It’s not a bad entry for its genre, but I’m really more of a fan of graphical interfaces instead of text and notifications. The great aspect of this game is its social implications. It uses your GPS location to find the nearest zombies or allies who are actual players around the world. You’re given a couple of weapons to start off with and each zombie you kill carries with them the possibility of upgrading these weapons with some epic loot. The end game here is simple survival. As it says on the app page, the game resets itself when all humans have been turned into zombies.

So, really, beyond any drastic call on one’s imagination, this isn’t much more than a comparison of stats with other players in a game of chance. As I said, I’m more of a graphical interface fan. When I kill zombies, I like to see the blood spatter. But even if you can deal with the text nature of iAmHunted, there is no real story to follow or goal to accomplish. If you survive, you survive, and chances are you won’t.

This is a good game for people who are REALLY into zombies and have been wanting a zombie MMO for a long time, but other than that, there’s no real mass appeal, as far as I’m concerned. Over a thousand weapons, ability to customize your character and everything this game has to offer just doesn’t seem to make up for the fact that I just can’t see what’s going on.

So a bit of a misfire? I don’t know. I can see it would appeal to some players, but I’m not one of them. If you and your group of friends with iPhones want to have online zombie wars using this game, that seems to be a genuinely good way to use it. But it just doesn’t have my number.

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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