Diary Lite a ‘D-Lite’ to Use Daily

Price: $0.99   Score: 9/10   By Anna P.Diary Lite

Life is hectic.  This is a fact that simply cannot be denied.  But when it comes to organizing our lives, the last thing we want is an agenda book or calendar that is more complex and intense than our lives.  That’s the exact problem we’re trying to solve!  With Diary Lite by Diary.com Ltd, users gain access to the cleanest, easiest, all-in-one application they could possibly imagine.

Like a neatly packaged gift, Diary Lite is combines your agenda, tasks and journal in one convenient package.  Designed to help both plan and record your life, Diary Lite’s simplicity is unexplainably enticing.  As an old school, paper and pen kind of gal, I mostly appreciate organizational apps from afar but am rarely able to invest all of my thoughts and reminders in my “usually” reliable device.  However, I was immediately drawn to Diary Lite’s clean color scheme, layout and ease of use.  Never have I ever come across one app that encompasses every organizational tool one might need so seamlessly, as if all these related aspects of life actually CAN coexist without getting the wires in one’s brain crossed and fried.

Users begin on the ‘Agenda’ tab upon first start up of Diary Lite.  Tap the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner to begin adding events to your calendar.  Add or edit single events, birthdays and anniversaries.  Just choose your category and enter the required information.  By setting a reminder for each occasion, users are guaranteed to have Diary Lite alert them when the date is approaching.

Enter your tasks in the same way you would enter an event using the ‘Tasks’ tab.  Once again, use the ‘+’ icon to enter your information.  Tasks also include reminders so you can benefit from the convenient pop up alerts that help you keep on top of the pressing tasks that can sometimes weigh you down.

Finally, the ‘Journal’ tab allows you to do just that – keep a journal.  Write journal entries that document specific moments or events from your day that you don’t want to forget.  In this case, the ‘+’ icon will immediately direct you to a blank entry template where you can start recording your thoughts right away.  The journal, by Diary.com, works offline so you don’t need an Internet connection, or even a Diary.com account, to write your entries.

Plus, when you consider that you are only paying $.99 for an app that encompasses three key functions that are normally sold separately, it’s almost like hitting the jackpot.  A really attractive jackpot, at that.

Diary Lite requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. A small fee was paid by the developer to expedite the publication of this review.

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