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Price: $0.99   Score: 10/10   By Nancy JonesScrAPPbook

Attention scrap-booking fans – Buy this app. Well, now that was simple wasn’t it? It’s just like a Coffee Table Photo Book for you iPhone. If you like scrap-booking and you want to create them on the go with your iPhone then this is the app for you. If you have only a minor interest in scrap-booking, but want to create cool frames around your photos, then this app is for you too. ScrAPPbook, developed by, is easy to use, has plenty of features and was developed with feedback (or crowd sourced to use the technical lingo) from the iWikiphone community.

To call this app full featured is accurate, but a huge understatement. You can create multiple books and share them through email (it turns the book into a PDF) or upload a scrapbook directly to your Facebook page.  You can pull pictures from your photo library, take photos, record audio or take videos to enhance the scrapbook.  You can have one photo or multiple ones per page. You can move them around. You can choose different themes. You can GEO code the photos to show where you were when you took the photo. You can, of course, add pages to your scrapbook. You can sort your scrapbooks by date or by name.

Let me walk you through creating a scrapbook. Step 1 is click “new scrappbook.” Step 2 is to choose a theme. You can chose a music theme, a summer theme, a graphic theme (vaguely architectural – graph paper look), sand/beach theme or a golf theme.  After you choose a theme, you will be asked to name your scrapbook. The name you choose will appear on a book cover. For the sports theme it looks like a notebook with X’s and O’s in the background. You can add a photo to the cover. You can take a photo with your iPhone or select one from your photo library.

One you have completed your cover, you click “done” and “add a page” and you are on to Step 3 – assembling your book. As you add photos, they will be framed to match the theme you chose in the beginning. In the sports mode you can choose a baseball, soccer (football for non-Americans), golf or football (American-style this time) frame. Each “theme” allows you multiple picture frame choices. I chose the sports theme and started adding sports photos to my scrapbook. I added an audio clip to one photo. I could also create a caption or if I was at a sporting event, add crowd video along with my picture. If you didn’t think to take any video during your event you could even add video later to explain what was going on when the photo was taken.

You can keep creating pages and customizing the pages by adding notes, signs and thought bubbles. As you finish your pages, you can tap done and move on to add a new page, delete a page, edit the cover or share the book. Through the settings option you can choose to save audio or video on your camera roll and show or not show tips. Within the app, you can click “guided tour” and you will be taken to a YouTube video. You can easily go back to “home” at any time by touching the home icon on the top left hand corner of the screen. In addition, you can get tips (if the feature is enabled) as you go along by tapping the “tips” tab on the middle right side of the screen.

Just imagine yourself going on a vacation and capturing the whole trip as it happens, complete with video and maps (through GEO tracking) and then when you come home you can post it immediately on Facebook. You could take photos of your child’s soccer game, birthday party or school play. Honestly, the uses are endless. Whether you are 20 something and you want to take photos of a night out with your friends, parents who want to capture and share their family experiences or grandparents who want to capture memories there is something here for you. Wait, I just thought about another way to use this app. This could be a way to capture your parents’ memories about old photos. You could scan in the photo and then either audio or video tape someone talking about the photos. What an awesome way to archive old photos.

Okay, I started this review out with the words, “buy this app,” so clearly I am hooked. Does it have any downsides? You could feel it is too constraining to create a scrapbook as you live your life. Actually, I agree with that sentiment. For my review I took photos and assembled the books in the peace and quiet of my home. However, I did miss audio and video opportunities. I think the images are a little small on the iPhone screen, but that doesn’t stop me from liking ScrAPPbook.  I don’t have an iPad, but I can only imagine that this app would rock on that platform. I look forward to more themes.  Maybe a classic old photo album style with the black photo corners?

I can see myself using this app for years to come. I keep thinking up new ideas. I would love to hear from the seasoned scrapbook fanatics. Tell me what you think of this app and how you have used it.

ScrAPPbook is compatible with iPhone, iPad touch or iPad and requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later. A small fee was paid by the developer to expedite the publication of this review.

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  1. Amir says:

    It’s one of the best apps ever

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