Another Reason to Always Trust a Mother’s “Intuition”

Price: Free   Score: 9/10   By Anna PapachristosIntuition: Mom's Personal Assistant

Of all the people on this Earth, mothers have to be up there with the busiest.  They must not only keep track of their own tasks, but also those of their children (and often times, husband) as well.  And while there are countless numbers of apps dedicated to list making and organization, these special women need a special app specifically designed for them.  Luckily, with Intuition: Mom’s Personal Assistant by IconApps, Inc, moms have designed an organizer for moms that help them “simplify, save and share.”

Moms can easily color-code each and every to-do list they require, separating them by location, due date or category.  The bright, happy colors alone make Intuition stand out because most other organizer apps feature colors that actually make you wish you never had to look at the list at all.  Also, instead of tabs in a navigation bar, as with similar apps, Intuition presents users with a flower.  Each petal is another section, and though it doesn’t remain on the screen constantly, users can access it with the flower icon in the top left corner.

Intuition’s ‘Categories’ petal comes with a predetermined list of categories your tasks may fall under: Calls, Errands, Family, Grocery Shopping, Wish List and Everything Else.  However, users can delete or add their own categories if they wish.  To add a task, simply tap a category and use the ‘Add’ button in the top right corner.  To quickly add a task without choosing a category first, use the ‘Add a Task’ petal, which will present you with a screen that will ask you to enter your task’s details, including which category it belongs under.

What is wonderful is that, with Intuition, moms can view their current list as well as the ‘Done’ version, which helps you visualize exactly how productive your efforts are.  This aspect helps make one feel accomplished, which is always a great way to boost your energy and ambition.  Also, if you include a location when filling out a task’s information, Intuition will automatically locate it on a map for iPhone users, helping you find the places you need to go, making you more efficient in a day.

With the ‘Calendar’ petal, users can view their tasks according to due dates and times, as well as set recurring tasks, such as soccer practice or dance rehearsal.  Users can then optimize their calendar by using the ‘My Info’ petal and accessing the ‘Preferences’ button.  Here, moms can enable email or iPhone alerts, as well as sync with Google Calendar, iCal or their iPhone calendar.

The ‘Preferences’ button also allows you to activate your Twitter account, allowing you to share your lists and tips with friends and family via Twitter updates.  With ‘Share’ buttons available on every page, users can also send their information via email or Facebook.

And while many free apps contain advertisements that simply get in the way or distract, Intuition presents moms with relevant coupons and nearby offers at the bottom of the screen that help mothers find the best deals on the brands they know and trust the most.  Plus, it’s not always an ad that appears.  Often times, an inspirational quote or funny saying will be there instead, which provides encouragement and a smile as you attempt to tackle your ever-growing lists.  Use the ‘My Info’ petal to access the ‘My Information’ button and you can set up your own Intuition account, which will not only back-up your information periodically, but also email money-saving coupons right to your inbox.

As what seems like an added bonus, there is also the ‘Community’ petal, which helps moms by providing a plethora of templates to help in different areas of planning, such as: recipe and healthy diet tips, event and party planning, children’s activities and travel and entertainment. Intuition offers so much, one could say it’s almost ridiculous – especially considering it’s a free app!  But then again, that only adds to its beauty, for how many times can a mother find something so helpful and useful without having to spend a dime?

Intuition requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. A small fee was paid by the developer to expedite the publication of this review.

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