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Fun iPhone App for Kids: How to Train Your Dragon

TweetPrice: $1.99  Score: 10/10  By M. Schusterman This app comes with a warning – if you let your child read this book, you may have a very hard time getting your iPhone back. How to Train Your Dragon, a DreamWorks Animation hit movie, is available as an e-Book app for kids thanks to FrogDogMedia LLC.  […]


Diary Lite a ‘D-Lite’ to Use Daily

TweetPrice: $0.99   Score: 9/10   By Anna P. Life is hectic.  This is a fact that simply cannot be denied.  But when it comes to organizing our lives, the last thing we want is an agenda book or calendar that is more complex and intense than our lives.  That’s the exact problem we’re trying to solve!  […]