1 2 3 Sheep! is a Great Learning Tool for Kids

Price: $2.99    Score: 8/10    By Shaun Campbell1 2 3 Sheep!

1 2 3 Sheep! is a great new educational game for kids from developer App-titude Learning. Set on a farm, 1 2 3 Sheep! has been designed as an intuitive and interactive way for young children to learn and understand simple counting concepts.

The game features 3 different mini-games – Helicopter, Round Up and Jump. In Helicopter, the user guides a small chopper around a large sheep pen by tilting the device from side to side. A farmer asks the player to locate groups of sheep of a certain size within the paddock – i.e find a group with 5 sheep. Once the group has been found, the player simply taps on that group to select it. It’s easy to navigate your way around and it’s a fun way for kids to practice their counting skills.

Round-up is a simpler game that involves the player guiding sheep into two different pens, according to the farmer’s instructions. For example, he’ll ask you to divide 8 stray sheep evenly between two pens – and then ask how many sheep are in each pen. It’s real simple stuff, but this kind of exercise is great reinforcement for children just learning how to count.

Jump is probably the easiest of the three games – in Jump, numbered sheep are lined up head-to-tail in a sheep pen. Your job is to guide the farm dog over the backs of the sheep according to the farmers commands. He may ask you to tap every 4th sheep, which would mean you’ll tap sheep number 4, number 8, number 12 and so on until you make it into the back of the farmer’s truck.

Each of the mini games features easy to follow instructions, cute and colorful graphics and an easily identifiable learning outcome. The difficulty ramps up with each level completed, and there are five levels for each of the three mini-games.  If you’ve got a child of your own who is just starting to learn how to use numbers – 1 2 3 Sheep! is a fun way to help improve their counting skills.

1 2 3 Sheep! requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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