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Price: $4.99    Score: 8/10    By Michelle SchustermanBody & Mind Connection

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, particularly when losing weight is involved, can be a tricky and often frustrating experience. While it’s easy to find an app that will help you track calories or miles jogged, it’s more rare to find one that can help you figure out what is working and what is preventing you from becoming the healthiest person you can be.

Body & Mind Connection, an app designed by B Healthy U, LLC, is intended to help you keep track of everything from your diet and exercise regimen to your sleeping patterns, helping you identify problems holding you back and strategies that work for you.

The app opens with an orientation menu, including a mandatory video. Here you can browse through an overview of what to expect from the app in regards to diet and exercise recommendations. This menu also provides advice on how to approach the course.

My problem with most programs that attempt to help you organize this type of thing is that they often lead to an unreasonable amount of time typing in numbers and doing calculations. I was happy to see that this course was designed to take no more than a minute a day, and eager to find out if that held true.

With Body & Mind, you aren’t entering specific foods or number of calories. Instead, you rate a number of factors daily on a scale of one to ten. The factors you rate include:

  • Diet
  • Energy
  • Exercise
  • Hunger
  • Mood
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Weight

A good amount of help and FAQs accompany each topic, like how to choose a specific rating depending on what you ate or did that day. In the weight section, you enter your current weight for the app to track. Be sure and enter your height in Tools, and the app will track your BMI. All of your data can be exported as a CSV plain text spreadsheet.

A small point of criticism – when entering height and weight, you need to tap a + or – sign rather than scroll. Seeing as the height starts at zero and the weight starts at 100 and moves up in increments in .1 lb per tap…well, it might take awhile to get the right number in. A scroll or the ability to simply type the number would be preferable.

This is a two to four week course, and you can track your progress in the Grades section. The app is colorful and very professional looking, and other than the tapping for the height and weight I mentioned above, entering your info is a very quick and painless process. I love that the Grades chart automatically creates a line graph to watch your progress move up or down as you move through the program. And on days where you’re feeling particularly bad, it’s helpful to look back and see how your diet and exercise regiments have been doing, and try to identify what works for you and what doesn’t.

The bottom line is that, for someone ready to make a commitment to a healthier life who wants a good organizational tool without a lot of hassle, this app is a good bet.

Body & Mind Connection is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It requires the iPhone OS 3.1 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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