The Jerky Boys Prank Caller Freaks Out Your Friends

Price: $1.99    Score: 7/10    By Steve BeaudryThe Jerky Boys Prank Caller

Are you the kind of person who calls the local bar asking for Amanda Huggenkiss? Times have gotten tough for the prank caller since the advent of caller ID. Johnny Brennan and the Jerky Boys comes to the rescue with an app that’s sure to get your friends’ goat. Brennan’s prank call comedy routines gave him a successful career in the 90’s and his voice acting prowess continues to be displayed on the hit show Family Guy. Now he goes back to his roots by helping his fans trick people into thinking some madcap, crazy character is calling them on their phone.

There are three characters from which to choose in The Jerky Boys Prank Caller and each character has two soundboards, a voicemail message, ringtones, a radio for a never-before-heard Jerky Boys prank call, and a prank caller that “calls” your phone and makes anyone who answers it think you’re in big trouble. The prank caller uses voice activation to detect when the answerer has said “hello” before it goes into its spiel. There’s some comedy gold in each one of these options, but this app may not be for everyone.

Aside from being a bit crass and low-brow, the app itself may be a little much to figure out on your own. The Ringtones come with detailed instructions in an email, but is it too much of a hassle just for a humorous ringtone that might offend some people? Maybe. And in order to use the soundboard in your own prank call, you have to call someone, go to speaker phone while it’s ringing, press the home button, tap on the app, select your character, select the soundboard and choose from several different options labeled, not by what they say, but by number. If you memorize which phrases go with which number, then you’re fine. Otherwise it’s a crap shoot.

So there are some highs, there are some lows. All-in-all, the app itself is pretty solid and quite amusing. If you love prank calling, there’s more than one reason to get this app!

The Jerky Boys Prank Caller requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.

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  1. Christina says:

    This is a cool app but crushing at regular times when we makes the call for a long time:-( I have tried Prank Me! to make fake calls and this one worked very fine for me to scary my friends with 1 huge collection of funny audio clips:-))

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