StoryPages 2.0: Sure to ‘Draw’ You In

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Sometimes the thoughts we want to convey cannot simply be put into words – we need a visual.  Other times, the things we draw and doodle may make sense to us, but whether we have artistic talent or not, the piece needs a few words to explain what the picture displays.  But with StoryPages 2 by SpinThought Inc, there just may be something that can solve both issues with a single application.

As the second version of an already well-received app, StoryPages 2.0 presents an extremely simple, easy-to-use interface ideal for both professionals and amateurs who wants to add a little artwork to their writing and vice versa.

Based on a storyboard style template, StoryPages 2.0 features a drawing panel at the top of the screen and a description panel on the bottom half of the screen to allow for accompanying typed text.  Whether drawing, writing, or simply viewing a page, users can work in both portrait and landscape mode for every task.  StoryPages 2.0’s convenient swipe navigation system also makes for easy usage: swipe up to type, down to draw, or left and right to sift through various pages.

The icons at the bottom of the screen also provide easy navigation, allowing users to easily access a list view of created stories, see their pages in grid view, or add a new page.  Grid view is particularly helpful because it allows you to view every page in a given story for quick page access.  The drag and drop feature makes for easy page rearrangement as well.

Drawing mode provides its own collection of helpful icons: eraser, pencil, add background, page view, undo, redo, and clear drawing/background.  Tap the desired icon and you’re good to go!  If the icon has an arrow over it, simply tap and hold to reveal all the tool’s settings.  Also, double tapping will turn full screen mode on or off depending on personal preference.

Users can change their pencil settings, enabling you to change the color and width of your lines.  For those who want (or need) a little help in the drawing department, ‘add background’ lets you insert a photo from you iPhoto gallery to use as a scene or tracing template, allowing for full transparency control.  Even better, users can use the camera icon to take a picture and draw over it with the pencil tool.  For those who lack true artistic capabilities (such as yours truly), this characteristic makes drawing easier and your pictures more attractive than the stick figures that may otherwise grace your pages.

StoryPages 2.0 also presents users with numerous ways to export their work in order to use their pages in other applications.  You can export your work via email by sending everything as a PDF file that can be used in any application.  Users can also send their pages to the iPhone gallery, where they will save as PNG files and upload to your computer the next time you sync your gadget.  Lastly, you can also send your work via MMS in case you need both words and pictures to convey your message.

According to the developer, StoryPages 2.0 is used by an array of professionals – from children’s book illustrators, to comic book creators, to interior designers.  Ideal for sketching movie scenes and animations, or even as an extension of your dream journal, StoryPages 2.0 is a versatile application that allows users to make it their own.  Best of all, StoryPages 2.0 not only features a ‘Help’ button in the bottom left corner so users can access the comprehensive Story Pages User Guide, but also a pre-made story that highlights special tips within its eight pages.  Though the interface is pretty intuitive, you will never be without aid when a creative conundrum arises.

Also, an iPad version of StoryPages is already in the works.  The product, currently under development, is projected to launch in mid-April.  Perfect for both illustrators and writers, this version will utilize the larger format of the iPad to provide a greater workspace.

StoryPages 2.0 requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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