ShowMe Stories Helps Keep ’em Quiet

Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    By Daniel BischoffShowMe Stories

ShowMe Stories, from developer SID On, is an app with great value for anyone with young kids.  Basically, ShowMe Stories is a collection of visuals that the user reveals by swiping his or her finger over the screen.  The images, controls, and content are all perfect for the little ones in your life.

When you start up ShowMe Stories, you’ll see four different categories to choose from, including men at work, animals, fable figures, and pictures of your own choosing.  Obviously, tapping this last option will bring up the photo albums you currently have stored on your iPhone.  If your child wants to reveal a picture of him or herself, they can do that, but the other categories also have a lot of different images to reveal.

There are 30 pictures in total, and in the first category, Professions, there are images of firemen, construction workers, doctors and garbage men.  After every picture is wiped clean and revealed, the iPhone gives off a little cheer.  It’s a real simple task, but your child is sure to get a kick out of this and want to keep playing.  Simply tapping the little arrow that appears to the right of the image will let them do that.

You can also back out of any category at any time by tapping the menu button that appears in the top left hand corner of the screen.  This helps if your child gets tired of Santa Claus or doesn’t like the hunchback of Notre Dame, from the Fairy Tales section.

Of course, your child can always check out the worms, rabbits, and other animals in the animal section if the other two haven’t appealed to them.  For $0.99, ShowMe Stories is an exceptionally well geared app for people with children who may need to entertain on the go.

While there is an age limit to the children who will be entertained by ShowMe Stories, the app can be an invaluable tool if your child falls within the appropriate age range.  It provides friendly images, audio, and interactivity all in one.

Show Me Stories is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It requires the iPhone 3.0 OS or later.

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