Roll ‘Em Hoops Combines Games for Fun

Price: $0.99    Score: 8/10    By Daniel BischoffRoll Em Hoops

There’s a lot of creativity to be seen in the Games section of the App Store these days.  Some games have plants fighting zombies, some games have you tapping out rock and roll songs, and some apps even have doodles jumping.  Roll ‘Em Hoops combines two familiar games in a package that actually works surprisingly well.

Roll ‘Em Hoops, from developer Hairy Monster Studios, is a game that combines basketball and skee-ball to form a kind of unique hybrid basket-skee creation. There are three different modes of play, and while I usually suck at skee-ball, the controls and gameplay are easy to pick up – but difficult to master, of course.

“In the Bonus” was my favorite game mode, and requires the player to light up all five hoops.  After lighting up all of the hoops, a different bonus round will start, including Bombs Away, Rainbow Jumpers, Spirit, and Cow – which is the most fun.  The Cow bonus round is like the classic basketball game of HORSE, only requiring the player to spell three letters by lighting up the respective baskets.

“Old School” is the simplest game mode and has the player shooting as many hoops as possible within the time limit.  Obviously, you’re trying to get the highest score possible, while the baskets are both stationary and moving.  You’ll find that the moving baskets will score you more points than those that aren’t.

The final game mode is “3 Point Shootout” and has the player shooting a total of only 5 balls.  The first 4 balls are worth 1 point a piece and the last ball is worth 2 points.  Roll ‘Em Hoops calls this ball the “money ball.”

At first I thought the concept of skee-ball and basketball wouldn’t work out all that well, but in truth, the basketball layer of the app is almost purely cosmetic.  Roll ‘Em Hoops relies heavily on the swiping controls to provide good clean skee-ball fun.  I’ve never been this good at skee-ball so I think that the game is tuned for less skilled players, which is a welcomed plus.

At $0.99, Roll ‘Em Hoops is priced to sell, and with so many game modes, you won’t get bored too quickly.  The app also includes saved scores and leader-boards so you can challenge your friends to beat your score.  As a casual sports game, Roll ‘Em Hoops provides a ton of entertainment at the right price.

Roll ‘Em Hoops is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It requires the iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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