Rabid Gophers Presents a Gut-Busting Good Time

Price: $1.99    Score: 8/10    By Anna PapachristosRabid Gophers

There are many ways to take out your aggression rationally.  Perhaps you’re the type who likes to scream really loudly into a pillow, then punch it until the stuffing goes flying.  Maybe you go for a long drive to cool down, or head to the gym for a heated workout.

Or maybe you shoot gophers.

That’s right, with Rabid Gophers, the hilarious game by QuantumSquid Interactive, users can do just that – shoot gophers.  And blow them up, too.

As the farmer whose property has just been overrun by too many rabid gophers to count, you and your trusty hamster sidekick must put an end to these almost zombie-like creatures and save the farm!  (And just as a warning, this is NOT the kind of game you let your children play… Unless you sanction blood, guts and scary visions of gophers lunging at the screen.)

Whether playing through the entire story on campaign mode, or competing for the best times against other players online with survival mode, users need to stay on their toes as this reaction-based game requires you to move quickly to eliminate your enemies with guns, bombs and sniper rifles.

Rabid Gophers features three different games in one.  With gopher blast, users use a gun to shoot the gophers as they pop out of various holes they have created on a hill.  Here, you have to make sure you don’t kill any of the chicks they poke out of the holes as decoys.  Three chick kills result in automatic failure for that round.  Also, make sure you don’t miss any of the gophers.  Missing just one means watching your beloved pet hamster get eaten as he hangs in the balance (literally).

Gopher bombs takes a bit more thought and attention.  With this mini-game, users have to pay attention to the sequence in which the bombs light up.  Then, when the game tells you, you must tap the bombs in the exact order they lit up in order to blow those crazy gophers to smithereens!  It’s a lot like Simon-says, except with explosions.  But if you do happen to mess up, brace yourself for a bit of a scare.

Gopher sniper is slightly less exciting than the other two games.  Here, users must use the rifle’s viewer to aim at gophers when them pop out of their holes, then tap to shoot them.  This is a bit more tedious because, as each pops up, you must quickly move the target so it hovers over them well enough to get off a good shot.

In survival mode, players must keep killing the gophers as long as they can in order to achieve a good time.  If you opted to enable OpenFeint upon first startup of the game, your username and score will then be posted to the leaderboards so you can compete with gamers all over the Internet.

During campaign mode, users get to see the entire story unfold with silly but impressive 2D cinematics, some in black and white, some in color.  Here, users must keep attacking the gophers for the allotted time in order to advance to the next round and proceed with the game.

Users can also view the cinematics if they click the gear icon on the home screen.  Under this menu, you can view the credits as well as turn the sound and music on or off.  The trophy icon, found right next to the gear, will take you to the list of achievements you can unlock as you play the game and what each requires you to do to obtain the trophy.  However, this only adds to the scary addictiveness of this game.  Or perhaps I’ve just been bitten.

To test out Rabid Gophers, I suggest you test out the lite version, which offers the same basic game, but with a limited campaign and survival mode.  Rabid Gophers also comes with a demo version of another QuantumSquid Interactive game, Starball.

Rabid Gophers requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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