Picture-Kaleidoscope Makes Kaleidoscoping Easy

Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    By Daniel BischoffPicture-Kaleidoscope

Do remember making your own kaleidoscope? Taking a cardboard tube, packing it full of shiny, colorful foil? Do you remember spinning that tube around and around? Well, there’s an app for that.

Picture-Kaleidoscope, from developer Kevin Needlands is a small, easy to use app that takes any picture you throw at it and converts it into a kaleidoscopic image that you can save and send to friends. Picture-Kaleidoscope’s biggest draw is how easy it is to use.

When you start the app up, Picture-Kaleidoscope asks you to either choose a picture from one of your photo albums, or take a picture of whatever you have in front of you at the time. It can be fun to use a picture of one of your friends, but a more visually stunning kaleidoscope will come from an abstract or interesting picture.

After choosing your photo, you simply draw a line on the image to pick a point for the kaleidoscope to separate the image. You cut a large section, or a small one. After generating your kaleidoscope on this section, you can choose how many pieces to use and whether or not you want the image mirrored in adjacent sections of the kaleidoscope.

Voilà! You have your kaleidoscope – just please refrain from spinning your iPhone while driving or operating heavy machinery! The kaleidoscope image itself doesn’t actually spin in this app, though it would be a nice addition to see in a future update as that was half the fun of the old tube-and-foil creations.

Picture-Kaleidoscope is an extremely easy to use app, but some of that ease of use is due in part to the low number of features and options to play with. At $0.99 you can certainly get some fun out of the app, but it might not stay on your phone for long if you don’t have much room left on your hard drive.

Kaleidoscope is available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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