Track Your Neighborhood Ghosts with the Paranormal Sightings Tool

Price: $1.99    Score: 7/10    By Aricka FlowersParanormal Sightings Tool

The debate on whether or not aliens are in existence is still going strong. If you’re on team alien, the Paranormal Sightings Tool can help you keep track of where they’ve been.

The Booya! Media app is a social networking community of sorts for those who are fascinated by all things alien. The Paranormal Sightings Tool allows you to not only find out where paranormal sightings took place in your neck of the woods, but also gives you the lowdown on other alien activity thanks to the Sightings Map. You can customize your map to show only the types of paranormal activities that interest you most. The options include: UFOs, Aliens, Ghosts, Orbs, Crop Circles, Pyramids, Artifacts and Big Foot.

Think you may have captured your alien encounter on video? Great! The app allows you to upload video of your own paranormal party. You can also check out one or two of the thousands of paranormal videos available for viewing via the app.

One of the most unique aspects of the Paranormal Sightings Tool is the networking community. The app has created a virtual hangout for people with interests on the paranormal. The set-up is similar to most social networking sites so you can “friend” people and vice versa.

You can also rope in your real life friends by inviting them straight from the app via email, Twitter or Facebook. The app also allows you to post to Twitter and Facebook so you can keep your other friends up to date on the latest paranormal happenings. The Paranormal Sightings Tool may seem like a kooky app if you’re not into that sort of thing. But if you are, the app offers a community, paranormal videos to peruse and the ability to post your own ghostly encounters. What more could an alien fanatic ask for?

Paranormal Sightings Tool requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later and is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch.

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