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Price: Free    Score: 7/10    By Aricka FlowersOrbit Social Phonebook

Between Facebook, e-mail, Twitter and text messages, there are a plethora of ways to stay in contact with friends, family and acquaintances. But at times, keeping up with Facebook messages and statuses, texts, Tweets and e-mails can get a bit time consuming – especially if you have a large network of friends and family. A new app by Orbit Media is hoping to streamline the social networking frenzy and make it easier for people to keep up with their friends without having to spend time going between a bunch of different apps and phone features.

The Orbit Social Phonebook allows you to take the contacts in your phonebook and sync them with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. This allows you to see your friends Tweets or Facebook statuses in your contact list before you make a call, which can be quite handy in some cases. You can also send a text message to your contacts from the same place, which is cool because you can send a text in reaction to a Facebook status or Tweet that might warrant a more “personalized” response.

Orbit Social Phonebook takes your Contacts list to a new level with its “Inner Orbit” feature. The option allows users to group contacts into lists that allow you to view them separate from the master phonebook. This is a convenient feature that can help you keep your work, family and social lives separate while also allowing easier communication with your contacts in each group. You can also communicate with an entire group en masse without having to go through your phonebook and cherry pick the contacts to whom you need to mass-message.

A feature called “Social Volumes” lets you control, how often you get messages from your different orbit groups. You can set the updates to come at a specific time of day, week or type. Orbit Social Phonebook can also keep you out of the doghouse because there is a setting that will send you reminders about your contacts’ birthdays. The social phonebook also logs your user trends and automatically creates a Favorites list made up of the contacts you interact with most often.

There are still a few kinks that need to be ironed out when it comes to Orbit Social Phonebook, like the fact that your phone contact photos will be automatically changed to the person’s Facebook or Twitter picture; which can be a bit annoying. But considering the app is free, it’s a pretty cool way to keep track of your contacts, texts and the goings on in the worlds of Facebook and Twitter in one convenient place.

Orbit Social Phonebook requires iPhone OS 3.0 and is only compatible with iPhone.

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4 Responses to “Keep It All Together with Orbit Social Phonebook”

  1. Christian L. says:

    I’ve been using Orbit and it is just awesome!! Its great getting updates from your Facebook contacts appear on your handset, and same with those you follow on Twitter. Makes it easy to control your ‘social volumne’, and you can shut things off with just one click! Incredibly convneient.

    Also, the ability to scroll through your contacts for making calls is the best. Using the native phonebook seems so archaic after Orbit.

    When they integrate LBS (Location Based Services), this app is knocking it waaaay out of the park, and in to ‘orbit’!!!

    8-) Sorry, i couldnt resist!

  2. Alex Panelli says:

    Hi Aricka,

    Thanks for the review, we love the feedback, both positive and negative.

    FYI – we have a new version that should be released in the next 5 business days, it let’s you decide if you want to sync FB profile photos or not, rather than the current version which does it automatically.

    Happy Orbiting!

  3. Ben says:

    how do you use the “places” button, it doesnt seem to search restaurant, attraction, when I try to search something? looks good though. Thank you

  4. Ben says:

    and I keep getting session key invalid no longer available. What does it mean?

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