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Price: $1.99    Score: 10/10    By Nancy JonesNightVision Pro

If we only wanted to take pictures during the day, our iPhone camera would be just fine. However, let’s admit that night photos on an iPhone don’t usually turn out the best. But what can you do? One option is to use photo manipulation tools like NightVision Pro, developed by Cogitap Software. It doesn’t fix Apple’s deficiencies, but it does give you some new fun options. You can take photos in low light and use the app to add a little more light. You can add different filters to the shot, capture the action, and explore your creative side.

How does it work? By using the apps ‘Slow shutter’ function the exposure time is doubled allowing the camera to capture more light. The downside of this is that the camera (your phone) is sensitive to any movements, and if you aren’t careful, the image will blur.

Nightvision Pro is easy to use. You can view a demo on YouTube before you buy. There are only a few features you need to understand in order to use this app. The app opens just like your normal camera app. As you focus on your subject you can swipe the screen vertically to adjust the light level and achieve different effects. At the bottom right hand corner of the screen there is a button that looks like a gear. Click on that icon to enable/disable the slow shutter, select a picture size (either 512 x 384 or 1024 x 768), enable/disable preview filter and enable/disable shutter sound.

On the bottom right of the screen is a MODE button. You push that to change the color of your image. You can choose between three colors. The first mode is Green, with this choice the photos look like they have been taken with night vision goggles.  With the Gray mode, you capture an image that reminds you of a grainy old photo. With red, depending on your point of view, it either looks like heat signatures or a 60’s psychedelic poster.

This app is in the Entertainment category for a good reason. It doesn’t give you flawless night photos in any light, but it does offer you the opportunity to capture photos in low light with an arty flare. While testing this app I took some outside photos in low light and the quality was excellent. When it was completely dark the images were hard to capture. However, as long as there is some light to amplify, this app works well. While testing I took pictures of a couple of stuffed animals. Both the teddy bear and the pig looked like kidnap victims in a ransom note. The pig looked frightened and the teddy bear looked wistful about his plight. I can easily imagine using this app to create Halloween party invitations or to add cool new photos on Facebook. Using the red mode I could even create frameable art reminiscent of the late 60’s.

This low cost app is packed with fun. I gave it a 10 because as an entertainment app it delivers completely. Again, I repeat, this is not an app that will make all night photos perfect – nor does it profess to be. This is an app that you buy and move it to share space with the ones you use daily. Probably beneath your camera app so that it is easily available. I know I have just scratched the surface of its uses and I look forward to seeing what else I can do. Buy the app, create your own images and add your comments on iTunes or at this site. I’d love to hear what you are doing with it.

NightVision Pro is compatible with the iPhone only.  It requires the iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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