See What People are Thinking with Manga Balloon Maker

Price: $1.99   Score: 9/10    By Daniel BischoffManga Balloon Maker

I’ve snapped candid shots of people deep in thought as well as people in the middle of heated conversation – but what where they really thinking? With Manga Balloon Maker, I can easily fill in the blanks of all those thoughts with crude jokes and one liners, even if they have only tenuous connotations with my subjects environments.

Manga Balloon Maker, from developer POOL Inc., first asks the user to choose between using a picture they’ve already got stored in the iPhone’s photo albums, or to take a picture on the spot – perfect for having a bit of fun with strangers in your local park. After you’ve got a picture to work with, you then choose from a number of different speech, thought, and (literally) balloon balloons.

Once you’ve selected which balloon to use with your subject, you can re-size, rotate, and flip the direction of the balloon. Double tapping the balloon brings up all of these options, including the option to add text to each balloon. Manga Balloon Maker makes it as easy as can be to add witticisms to unsuspecting bystanders or friends and family who’ve managed to find themselves in your lens. Once you’re happy with the result, it’s easy to share the image via email or Twitter.

One thing I really liked about Manga Balloon Maker is its intuitive and streamlined interface.  There’s no need for a tutorial on how to use the app, and that means there’s no guess work either.  As soon as you download the app, you can start altering images.  This certainly makes Manga Balloon Maker a easy app to recommend because one of my biggest pet-peeves in app design are apps that take forever to figure out.

Not much is left to be desired with Manga Balloon Maker. It’s easy to use, has all the features you’d like to find in a very basic photo editing app, but also has enough options that you can reach a level of customization your comfortable with. Manga Balloon Maker is a great app for fooling around with photos – check it out on the App Store.

Manga Balloon Maker is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It requires the iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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