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We are taught from an early age to set goals as a way of achieving our lofty aspirations and obtaining the so-called “good life”.  However, dreaming up such goals is much easier than actually committing to and recognizing them as a true step in the right direction.  With the distractions of a sometimes-discouraging daily life, many of our more important goals take a back seat to the mundane tasks we must tackle each day.  But with Life Goals by Reefwing Software, the chance of accomplishing your goals just became greater.

As the app description states, “A number of studies have shown that writing down goals and breaking them into bite size tasks is the secret to achieving the life you want.”  With Life Goals, users are able to break down the goals they have in any category into small, manageable tasks, each a step in the right direction down the path to their dreams.

Upon startup, the home screen appears.  This, the Life Goals tab, displays the pre-made list of various goals categories: artistic, attitude, career, education, relationship, financial, health, pleasure, public service, and travel.  Simply pick a category you wish to create a goal under and tap.  Then, use the button in the top right corner to reveal the ‘+’ icon in the top left corner.  This will allow you to add new goals and edit as many as you wish under your desired category.

The idea behind Life Goals is to simplify and clarify your objectives by categorizing your goals.  Each category is broken down into goals, while each goal is broken down into tasks.  Completed tasks will appear green, in progress tasks are displayed as clear, and overdue tasks show up in red.

The To-Do tab breaks all tasks and goals into specific categories: quick wins, major projects, fill ins, thankless tasks and completed tasks.  The idea, as displayed with the Action Priority Matrix under the Charts tab, is to graph all tasks by impact and required effort so users will be able to determine what the best next step forward will be.  Inevitably, this suggests users begin with quick wins, progress onto major projects, use their spare time for fill ins, and delete any and all thankless tasks.

Users can also monitor their progress using the two other charts provided.  The Life Goal Pie Chart shows how balanced or unbalanced your life may be, highlighting the categories that could use a little more attention.  Chart Stats simply shows goal distribution and statistics for each of the given categories.

What is great about Life Goals, as opposed to other goal management applications, is the way it provides its users with a pre-designed set up featuring different categories.  Many similar apps make it easy for users to enter their goals and set due dates, but Life Goals helps you break things down into categories that some may even overlook as being an area of their life they could improve upon.  Life Goals uses a simple interface that makes recording goals and tasks easy, while also monitoring their importance and your progress instead of leaving such tasks up to the users themselves.

David Such, creator of Life Goals, is a prime example of what you can accomplish if you plot out your goals and achieve your dreams.  Residing in Australia, Such is the Managing Director of a $100M Defense business.  He also co-owns a vineyard with his wife in the Hunter Valley.  With multiple degrees, ranging from Marketing to Wine Science, Such’s spare time consists of writing software and an occasional short story.

Life Goals is my first iPhone App and I honestly believe that goal setting was a major contributor to my achievements,” said Such.  “That is why I want to help and encourage as many people as possible to get into the habit of setting and taking action on their goals.”

To see a video demonstration of Life Goals, click here.  Reefwing Software has also compiled a list of proposed additions as suggested by currents users.  Click here to view the list of possible new features.

Life Goals requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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