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Price: $3.99    Score: 9/10    By Michelle SchustermanTripSpeak French

There are all kinds of language learning apps, from the simple, focused ones to the more broad and comprehensive programs. If you’re looking for a quality app to help introduce a few basic French phrases and decent amount of vocabulary for a trip, this is one to try.

TripSpeak French has great recordings of native speakers along with written content, so you can hear the correct pronunciation and read along. Designed by JPN, the application aims to help users “learn the French language intuitively and naturally using the proven image association method.”

Having begun my study of Portuguese years ago with a similar method, I can vouch for its effectiveness. Years later, I still picture images from the program I used when I hear certain words. And images are far more interesting to look at then a list of words and phrases to memorize.

The images are very good – high quality photographs of the word or phrase. For each phrase, you are given four pictures. Tap on one to see if it’s right or wrong. You are never given the English translation of the word, which is the point of image association. If you aren’t sure what the phrase is, you figure it out from the picture, which increases the chances of retaining the knowledge.

The Reference section is divided into sections – travel, hotel, restaurant, shopping, and time/weather – with a list of commonly used phrases, including audio clips. Lesson Plans has a total of 24 topics, each with 20 phrases and multiple choice picture selection, and the Progress section keeps track of your scores and improvement with a colored bar graph.

One thing I really appreciate is that the audio clips are the only audio on the app – no annoying sounds when you choose a wrong picture, etc – so there’s no shame in pulling your iPhone out in a cafe or in front of your concierge to find a phrase and ask a question.

I even tested this app out on an eight year old who is currently studying French. TripSpeak really held her attention, and she particularly enjoyed the pictures – her scores were pretty good, too! The bottom line: it’s a worthy app for travelers looking for a quick language guide.

TripSpeak French is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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3 Responses to “Learn Quick French Phrases With TripSpeak”

  1. Daggles says:

    I too, found the TripSpeak French app to be great for both the novice and as a refresher for those studying French long ago (like me). The lessons begin simply and progress to more complex phrasing. The image associations make it fun and you’ll return to each lesson until you get it right. Take it on the plane with you because it requires no internet access and includes a nice reference guide with useful phrases when you arrive.

  2. Rita says:

    Now that I’ve got Trip”Speaks” attention I would like to comment. I follow them on Twitter and followed their link to here. I emailed their company and Didn’t get Any 1/ Support or 2/ Reply from them. I was going to buy their Spanish app. and Didn’t. 3/ I Love their French app. and would much Prefer learning any language with their app., But unfortunely I Won’t because they don’t give you enough words to learn the French language.

    They say on their App. Store page that we should buy this app. to learn the French Language, but when you buy their app. there is only 500 words, and thats Not nearly enough to Learn a language. If only they would add enough words so we Can learn at least One language of our choice.

    They even say on the App. store that we shouldn’t learn a language from other different apps., becoz they are Tedious constantly memorizing words, but they Won’t increase the words in their own app. to show us that we should buy Their app.?? Doesn’t make sense. If they Truly wanted our Business, they would increase the words in the app. and then we or rather me would buy all their apps., because they are right that their way is the easiest way to learn a language.

    So now, therefore I have to go back to the same tedious ways of learning a language that Tripspeak said we shouldn’t be using??

  3. Even when you’re just heading to France for a few days, you should know some survival French – a couple of essential phrases and terms which you will most likely use often, which includes sure, no, and Don’t you talk British? Once you’ve learned the vocabulary i recommand going to this excellent on-line french teaching system.

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