Karaoke Anywhere Let’s You Sing Along Everywhere

Price: $2.99  Score: 9/10  By Anna PapachristosKaraoke Anywhere

Whether you have the iPhone or an iPod Touch, you always have your iTunes library with you at any given moment, allowing you to rock out to your favorite songs on a whim.  But what if you could do more than just listen to your favorite tunes?

With Karaoke Anywhere, the “world’s first and only iPhone Karaoke player supporting the industry standard CDG format” by JoltSoft LLC, users can turn their beloved device into a singing machine.  Karaoke Anywhere allows users to access MP3+G ZIP* files right on their iPhone, letting them play high quality MP3 backing tracks so they can show off their fine-tuned vocals after hours of listening to their favorite hits.

In the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, Karaoke Anywhere features four simple buttons for easy usage.  The ‘Sing’ button displays all the songs in your library.  View your collection either by artist or song title.  By tapping on the arrow to the right of each song, users can edit their appearance by adding comment or changing the song title or artist’s name.  To the left of the song title and artist, you will find the ‘Play’ icon, which takes you to Karaoke Anywhere’s widescreen player.  Utilizing landscape mode, users can pause, play and repeat their song choice on the same screen they view the song’s lyrics.

Next, the ‘Get Tracks’ button lets you browse karaoke tracks available for purchase through Karaoke Anywhere.  Upon startup, users are allowed to choose one song to download for free as a thank you for purchasing the app.  And with over 30,000 tracks to choose from, with classic artists such as Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Sinatra, and contemporary artists such as Lady Gaga and Michael Bublé, the expansive collection makes it practically too hard to choose just one to start.

The ‘Import Tracks’ button allows users to import any MP3+G ZIP files they may already have downloaded on their computer.  Users must first make sure they have a Wi-Fi connection.  Then, using the URL provided by Karaoke Anywhere, you can wirelessly transfer your old collection to combine it with new purchases.  Songs purchased with Karaoke Anywhere can also be exported to your computer for backup or for playback.

Under the ‘My Account’ tab, users can purchase what Karaoke Anywhere calls ‘unlock credits’ that allow you to download the tracks of your choice.  For each ‘unlock’ you purchase, you then have the freedom to choose any song from their selection.  Unlock purchases are as follows: 2 for $3.99; 5 for $9.99; 10 for $9.99; 25 (plus 2 free tracks) for $49.99; and 50 (plus 5 free tracks) for $99.99.  Users must have access to a Wi-Fi or 3G network to purchase tracks.

Perhaps Karaoke Anywhere’s greatest feature is its no nonsense way of doing business.  Also under the ‘My Accounts’ tab, users can view a list of songs they’ve purchased and retrieve songs they’ve downloaded even if they have deleted them from their device.  In many cases, when buying digital copies, if you lose or delete your file, you must buy a new copy regardless.  It is nice to see a company that is not stingy and actually gives people what they pay for.

Plus, with such an easy-to-use interface and a better song selection than any karaoke song catalog I’ve ever seen, Karaoke Anywhere has officially made my old karaoke machine a thing of the past.

*Karaoke Anywhere supports MP3+G ZIP files only.

Karaoke Anywhere requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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2 Responses to “Karaoke Anywhere Let’s You Sing Along Everywhere”

  1. Ray says:

    Very clunky program, works to some extent but rquires more programs to get your tracks converted.

    Worse still a lot of the songs for purchase don’t work. The ones that do download won’t play most of the time.

    You can email the delvelopers until you are blue in the face and they will not reply.

    Save your money and go for the free one – Karaoke Player.

  2. matthew says:

    I’m pretty sure Ray is a marketing shill for the other company. As a light user of Karaoke Anywhere, I can say that I heart this app big time.
    I’m currently waiting on video output (devs have said they’re looking into it) – so you could connect iphone/ipad to the tv…
    But I’ve had nothing but good times whipping out my iphone and starting some spontaneous karaoke parties at random times. :-D

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