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Perhaps you’re a student who must frequently present in front of the class, or a businessperson who needs to compile presentations as part of your job description.  Maybe you are in a field where public speaking is the norm and speeches are a part of everyday life.  Whatever the case may be, there is a 99.9% likelihood that most (or all) of these presentations didn’t come from a memorized script tucked away in your brain.

Note, cue, index – call them what you like.  You probably use these cards to guide you through whatever it is you must say to your audience, big or small.  But with iSpeechCards by Niftybean Productions Ltd, presenters and public speakers everywhere can utilize their iPhone or iPod Touch with digital note cards that aid in delivering clear, organized presentations and speeches.

Create “card sets” for any and every kind of presentation with iSpeechCards.  Simply begin a set, give it a name and start creating cards to add to your line-up.  Assign each card a name, as well as a duration using the turn counter.  Enter the text you wish the card to cover, whether in regular sentence structure style or with the bulleted list feature.  You can adjust the size of the font so what you write will fit to the screen.  A warning will appear if your text is oversized.  Sets have no card limit, so make your presentation as long or short as you desire!

Each card set will display its total amount of time once completed, labeling each individual card in the set with what number it is in the series as well as its specific duration in the presentation. Card sets can be easily deleted by simply swiping sideways over the set’s title on the main screen, much like deleting an email.

However, no matter how easy the information input process can be, iSpeechCards excels with its myriad playback features, making that its greatest aspect of all.  Simply choose a card set and you will see the ‘Play’ button at the top of your card list.  Tap and you are on your way as the first card appears, indicating you should begin your presentation or speech.  Never worry about your screen dimming or going black because your gadget will stay awake during playback.

During playback, you can easily locate the pause and play buttons in the middle of the bottom navigation bar, allowing you to start and stop a card’s progression at will.  The lock icon in the bottom navigation bar allows you to lock your screen in either portrait or landscape mode, as iSpeechCards caters to both orientations.  To switch between cards, swipe up or double tap to move to the next, or swipe down to return to the previous.

The best (and most helpful part) is iSpeechCards’s ability to track your presentation’s time progression.  The animated circles at the bottom of your screen, under your card (or to the right if you’re in landscape mode), track your time in green, turning red once you have gone over the time designated.  The left circle monitors the progression of whichever card you are reading from at the time, while the right circle counts down how much time you have left for the entire presentation.

This characteristic stands out because anyone who has ever given a presentation or speech – most notably, one allotted a certain amount of time – knows that pacing yourself can be one of the most difficult tasks in public speaking.  Especially when nervous, people tend to read too quickly and fumble over their words, while others tend to digress from the topic at hand and go over time.  With the aid of iSpeechCards, you can not only map out exactly what you want to say, but also use this tracking system to come off looking competent and well-prepared.

The demo card set is a great reference tool and is fully restorable if you happen to delete it.  This set will answer any questions you may have about the use of iSpeechCards, though the easy-to-use interface is simple and sure to be a helpful, hassle-free tool that gets the job done.

iSpeechCards requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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3 Responses to “Public Speaking Made Perfect with iSpeechCards”

  1. Robert Clark says:

    Thanks for this genuine and honest review – it’s a great endorsement of our App!

    Whether you already own iSpeechCards or are just thinking of buying it, I want to say that we consider all feedback and we take the best ideas and develop them into our apps. So if you use iSpeechCards and have any feedback please drop an email to

    We’re already working on a great new feature for the next release too – and the idea came straight from user feedback.


  2. Robert Clark says:

    An update for readers. 1.2 has now been released – you can now export your speech from your favourite Outliner (such as OmniOutliner or Natara Bonsai) and import this into iSpeechCards via Google Docs!

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