Idea Stimulator Shines Brighter in Second Version

Price: $0.99    Score: 9/10    By Jose Ralat MaldonadoIdea Stimulator

Reviewed by this contributor earlier this year, Idea Stimulator by Thorough Design Pty, Ltd has just been re-released as a more luminescent incarnation. While the base features are the same, the app’s updated version merits a second look.

Before moving on, a recap is in order. Idea Stimulator collects in one place more than a hundred gear starters and shifters. Suggestions in the scrolling bar include “Thoughts from a hat,” “Use a cliché,” “Talk to yourself,” “Build something” and “Idea logs and voice memos.” One of the finest prompts, however, is “Sacred cow,” wherein the user is instructed to list past behaviors that inhibit new ways of thinking, the ones he/she can’t let go of like a favorite jacket that after years of wearing is all but tatters and better tossed into the trash. After that? Avoid those “sacred cows” like a child avoids brussels sprouts.  When your tapping your heading thinking, “think think think,” this app will lift you from the funk and get you back in the cerebral groove.

Another feature still included in Idea Stimulator, aside from the aforementioned suggestions, is the list of supplementary articles. My favorites are “Poetic Structure” and “Stuckness.” Let’s face it, we all suffer from occasional brain impediment. These articles simply better bolster your chances to enlarge your intellectual armory by offering fresh concepts.

The updated Idea Stimulator has greater interactivity, more in line with some of the applications suggestions (e.g., group brainstorming). Users can now email their ideas to the developer for possible inclusion in future versions. My suggestion is a long-term wheel greaser: Learn a new language. Languages offer individuals the opportunity to not only learn a new way of speaking but also a new way of thinking. New words, new thoughts! This skill will certainly improve your creative and critical abilities. Also new is the Shake feature to get the random-idea generator spinning like a Las Vegas slot machine.

Idea Stimulator is sure to enrich your problem-solving aptitude.

Idea Stimulator requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with both iPhone and iPod Touch.

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