Hypnokit: Relax, Destress, and Wipe Off the Drool

Price: $2.99    Score: 10/10    By Michelle SchustermanHypnokit

As you can see from the score above, I was pretty impressed with this app. Let me give you the scenario.

I was seated at the freelancer’s office – aka, a café down the street – eyeing the guy seated at the “good table” by the outlet over my latte and trying to decide which assignment to tackle next. I’d been having allergy problems for going on three days and felt pretty exhausted from constantly waking up to blow my nose. Pulling out my iPhone, I saw my next app to review was Hypnokit, by Andrew Parkinson.

I’m not a skeptic about hypnosis and relaxation techniques; in fact, I practice yoga (although not as often as I’d like). But I’ve never bothered to download one of the many relaxation apps floating around out there. I opened Hypnokit and immediately liked its simplicity. After listening to the brief instructions, I looked around and spotted an unoccupied big comfy chair, picked up my stuff, and relocated.

I stuck my earbuds in, tapped on the first of three choices – “Stress Buster” – and closed my eyes.

The recording is great – soothing music accompanied by Hypnotherapist Diana Parkinson’s voice, instructing me to relax myself bit by bit. Maybe it was the organ-like sounds, maybe it was Ms. Parkinson’s British accent (hey, I’m a sucker for accents), but in a few minutes I was slouched over in my chair in the middle of a busy café, nearly asleep (and possibly drooling).

I was aware of Mrs. Parkinson’s voice the entire time. And I wouldn’t go so far as to say I was hypnotized – if someone had approached me, I’m sure I would have responded. But I was very, very relaxed. And at the end of the ten minute session, when Mrs. Parkinson told me she was going to count to ten and I would open my eyes and feel refreshed, she did – and I did.

Honestly, I felt as if I’d taken a decent nap. I was awake and very clear-headed. I checked out the other two sessions – “Peaceful Beach” and “Relaxing Meadow” – and they were very similar in style, but closer to twenty minutes long. Each session gives you the option to play, pause, or stop, and if you pause, Hypnokit will save your place even if you go back to the main menu and choose another session.

No lie – I’m going to try falling asleep to “Relaxing Meadow” tonight. If you’re looking for a quick ten to twenty minute energy boost to listen to on the bus on the way home from work, check Hypnokit out. Just watch the drool, out of courtesy to the guy next to you.

Hypnokit is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.  It requires the iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later.

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