Find Happier Trails with EasyTrails GPS

Price: $2.99    Score: 9/10    By Michael EssanyEasyTrails GPS

Athletes who thrive out in the open air will certainly find a friend in EasyTrails GPS, an iPhone application designed for outdoor athletes looking to trace their tracks and record their stats.

No matter the activity, EasyTrails GPS from Zirak S.R.L., promises to make it a “unique and easier experience.” Here’s how it works. EasyTrails GPS is built to provide you with relevant data that matters to you as an athlete. If you go for a jog, the app will record how fast, how far, and long you jogged for. You can even log your records and, best of all, view your trails from a perspective that resembles a satellite view.

Getting started really couldn’t be easier:

  • Establish your “waypoints” or points of interest.
  • Then view the direction and the distance to a target point of interest.
  • If you prefer, you can receive an audio alert when you approach a designated point.

After tinkering with the app for only a short while, it was still easy to understand why EasyTrails GPS won the 2009 award for Best Outdoor Use App.

I was pleased with the attractive user interface and navigation is simple enough to use at rest or while at play. I haven’t tried using it while skiing, for example, but the app is tailored to folks who are fond of trekking, running, skiing, sailing, traveling or “just wandering around.” Of course, the app doesn’t require much of any hands-on involvement during your physical activity, so there are no distractions to throw you off and potentially risk injury.

And in case you’re worried about battery life, the app will record your activities while your iPhone is on standby. In fact, it works like a charm in this fashion. And that’s a welcome factor given how athletes try to preserve their own batteries let alone their cell phone batteries while out for a long day of physical activity.

EasyTrails GPS is a very cool application that truly serves up happier trails in all sorts of ways.

EasyTrails GPS requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible only with iPhone.

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4 Responses to “Find Happier Trails with EasyTrails GPS”

  1. Matt says:

    Great app. Perfect for all outdoor activities. I started to use it for trekking but now I found many others uses like geo-chaging, cycling or just wandering around. I plan a ride with google maps and after I import it on the iPhone… I hope u enjoy it lime me!

  2. Jack says:

    I use it for go to school in the morning ;-)
    Cause it’s almost 1 hour by bus I like to have a snap but ofetn I missed my stop. With EasyTrails I placed a waypoint near my stop so it wakes me up always in time!!!
    Never more in late! :-))))

  3. eric says:

    I love this app, especially because I can export tracks on or share them with friends so easily

  4. Mario says:

    In order to see distance & bearing to the waypoint (which is the feature I wanted), you have to start recording a track, then move on the “map” tab, select the waypoint & press the right arrow in the callout. How intuitive!

    If I want bearing & distance to the waypoint (advertised feature), why do I need to record a track? It just makes no sense.

    Uninstalled the app, and installed MotionX GPS. That one works as I expected.

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