Play a Prank, Lose a Friend With Dude, Your Car!

Price: $0.99  Score: 9/10  By Michelle SchustermanDude, your car!

There are April Fool’s jokes, which make you laugh and brighten your day. And then there’s April Fool’s pranks, which are borderline evil.

Dude, your car!, designed by Mobilaga, falls into the latter category. The concept is great, but it’s the execution that might make you lose a few friends if you put this app to use.

It’s simple to do – take a picture of your victim’s car in its current parking place. You can either take the picture from the app, or find one in your photo library once you open the app. Follow the simple instructions at the bottom, which first have you use your finger to draw a rough outline anywhere on the car. Next, choose your damage – you have six options each of broken glass, dents, and scratches. Once the damage is applied you can adjust visibility, brightness, and shading to mesh with the photo.

You can move or erase the images to make it as realistic as possible, or even overlay different damages on top of one another to create a seriously busted up vehicle.

Add as many scratches and dents as you’d like, depending on how massive of a stroke you wish to cause. The thing is, this app creates a pretty realistic and frightening image of someone’s pride and joy, totaled. After you doctor the photo to your liking, you can email it directly to your victim, or save it to your photo album, so you can walk right up to the poor soul and watch their reaction for yourself.

There’s a free version available that watermarks your pics, but if this idea really appeals to your inner devilish prankster, I’d suggest opening up the wallet and shelling out the $0.99 for the real version. Take a look at the images below – this thing will fool people. Just be careful who you use it on, or you could end up with some enemies.

Dude, your car! requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later and is compatible with the iPhone. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. jaykopsus says:

    He-he :)

    You could see how it works on the real prank on CBS news reader :)

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