Take a Break without the Paranoia with Baby Monitor & Alarm

Price: $2.99    Score: 9/10    By Aricka FlowersBaby Monitor & Alarm

Getting some shuteye and being well rested are two of the most important things you can do when a newborn is under your care. Unfortunately, they can also be two of the hardest things to accomplish. But a new app from Jindrich Sarson could help make sleep a little less of an anomaly for new parents and caregivers.

The Baby Monitor & Alarm iPhone app takes the old walkie-talkie and base style child monitoring system and upgrades it to the 21st century. The app’s alarm feature allows caregivers to set their iPhone to call another phone if it detects a noise in the baby’s room. That way, parents can take a restful nap on the porch or visit with neighbors without worrying about being “out of range”, which can be a problem with traditional baby monitors. You can set how long the noise needs go on in the baby’s room before you get a phone call. That way a slight murmur doesn’t send your land line ringing unnecessarily.

The Baby Monitor & Alarm app can also help parents soothe their baby even if they are not in the room. The app allows caregivers to record their voice or the baby’s favorite song and set it so that it will play if the phone detects a noise in the room. There is also an option to set the phone to call you if the recorded voice or song has been playing for an allotted amount of time, yet the crying has not stopped. All of these features and options are not only unheard of for a baby monitor, but are also highly-customizable; which is always a plus if you ask me!

Parents can also keep an eye on what’s going on in the baby’s room, and even gain some insight on their sleep habits, thanks to the apps monitor feature. It allows caregivers to play back all of the sounds and activity that took place in the room during the child’s sleep time. An activity log keeps stats on how long the child slept, the length of intervals between disruption in the baby’s sleep and much more. This type of detailed information on your child’s sleep pattern is highly-beneficial. The activity log can help parents identify the best times in which to plan tasks around the baby’s sleep patterns. But even more importantly, the tracking information can also help identify potential sleep disorders or other health issues.

To get the best use out of Baby Monitor & Alarm, there are a few tips you should know. In order to make sure your iPhone picks up your baby’s cries, place the phone about two meters away from the child. If you want to use the alarm feature, don’t switch your iPhone to sleeping mode. Also, make sure to turn your phone on silent if you do not set up call forwarding; otherwise, an incoming call to your cell could wake up the baby!

Baby Monitor & Alarm requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible only with iPhone.

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2 Responses to “Take a Break without the Paranoia with Baby Monitor & Alarm”

  1. While I appreciate your effort at trying to explain the options this app resents, I don’t think there is too much practical information there. I mean, are there any parents that would actually rely on this app in the situations you laid out? What kind of parents are going to leave their baby in the house while they ‘nap on the porch’ or ‘visit the neighbors?’ Have we really become THIS reliant on technology?

  2. lauren says:

    A great new app for parents with babies. Baby Safe Monitor is a new app that turns your iphone into the ultimate baby monitor with full video/audio anywhere anytime. Unlike all the other apps that just redirect messages with noise with this app you can watch live and even take photos or video of your baby from anywhere in the world. Very expensive app US$39 but when compared to baby monitors on the market for what it does its GREAT value.

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