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Price: $2.99    Score: 10/10     By Aricka FlowersAmerican Dreams - Speeches and Documents in US History

It’s a well-known, but embarrassing, fact that most Americans are in need of a serious crash course in national history. Thanks to a new app, iPhone users can make good use of their time waiting in lines, at bus stops or anywhere else that they have a few free minutes.

The American Dreams – Speeches and Documents in US History app gives you access to the full text of 480 of the most important documents and speeches in American history. The MultiEducator app lets you voyage back to the inaugurations of any American president you please with its library of every address to date. American Dreams users can also peruse through the summaries of 90 Supreme Court decisions that also explain the Constitutional implications of those judgments.

You can search the app for specific historical documents or use its table of contents, which organizes them by type, time period and year. One of the coolest sections is called Explorers. There, you have a choice to learn about and even read a first-hand account of the voyages made by relevant explorers like Magellan, Cartier, Balboa and, of course, Christopher Columbus.

If you’re hearing-inclined, you can also listen to some of the nation’s most historical moments like the moon landing, an inaugural address, an FDR Fireside Chat or President Nixon’s goodbye speech to staffers after his resignation. The app’s audio recordings feature lets you mark your favorite speeches and recordings; making it easily accessible. The app also allows you to email the audio recordings or documents to friends and colleagues via your iPhone.

With so much important historical documentation readily available, American Dreams is the perfect app for journalists, teachers, attorneys, students and history buffs alike. I know I’ll be sure to use the app next time I find myself arguing the factual validity of someone’s answer in the middle of a trivia game or reading a questionable article. It has a great wealth of knowledge and could easily be used as a tool to help boost American’s knowledge of their national history.

American Dreams – Speeches and Documents in US History is available for iPhone as well as the second generation iPod Touch 2.2 or later versions.

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