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As each day passes, more and more time is put between us and New Year’s Day.  Those resolutions we made two months ago begin to fade in our memories, much like they do every year.  But even though we may have fallen behind, there’s no reason we can’t reclaim our resolutions and make this year different from all the rest.  With Achieve by Eric Lombardo, a goal management application that helps you compile all your short and long-term goals, users can easily keep track of their progress in order to succeed.

Sorted into three categories (financial, numerical, and time interval), users can enter their money-making and weight loss goals in the appropriate category.  Every time progress is made, users can then return to Achieve and check-in to log developments and view such information in the form of charts and statistics.

Upon start-up, you are initially presented with a blank page.  Tapping on the ‘Create New Goal’ button in the top left corner of the navigation bar advances you to the first step: entering their goals.  Users can enter as many goals as they wish at this point.  For examples of each type of goal, tap the ‘Examples’ button in the top right corner.

Numerical goals consist of goals involving a definite completion point, such as a given amount of pounds you wish to lose.  Financial goals center on an amount of money, whether it represents how much you owe or want to earn is subjective.  For time interval goals, Achieve gives the example of how many times per week you wish to exercise.  Such goals have a repeating nature.  Whichever type of goal you pick, Achieve makes your task easy by providing a ‘fill in the blank’ form to enter all of the necessary information regarding your goal.  Tap ‘Next’ and the ‘Done’ button will highlight for that specific goal.  Once you are finished entering all your goals, tap the ‘Done’ button on the top left of the screen.

To manage the progress of your goals, simply tap on that which you want to track.  Here, the navigation screen will pop up, allowing you to delete, edit, check-in or update your status.  When you check-in with your numerical or financial goals, simply tap the + or – sign to note positive or negative changes in your progress.  To check-in with your time interval-related goals, use the check mark icon to increase your daily counter, or the ‘x’ icon to decrease the counter.

When checking your status, your numerical and financial goals will allow you to see your progress via graph.  All three categories allow you to post your progress to your Facebook status.

Achieve is a simple, straightforward app that is ideal for those who have a hard time staying true to their personal goals and commitments.  However, one must remember to check-in and keep up-to-date with their goals.  Perhaps the option to schedule reminders would help truly keep users on track and checking in so Achieve and all the goals it contains are not forgotten.

Achieve requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone and iPod Touch.

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