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iPad Launch Games More Expensive than iPhone Counterparts

TweetWith the release of Apple’s iPad less than a week away, there has still been little information available surrounding which apps will be available for the new touchscreen device at launch. While Apple has promised cross-compatibility with existing iPhone/iPod Touch apps, the larger size of the iPad display will create resolution issues for those wanting […]


Not Enough iPads to Meet Demand?

Those who pre-ordered will still get their iPads this Saturday, but everyone who hesitated will have to pay the price of an extra week’s wait.


Kiss It! Helps You Make Out With Your Phone

TweetPrice: $0.99    Score:  4/10    By Lara Vukelich Ummmm. . .huh. Have you ever missed someone so much that you just had to put a big sloppy kiss on. . . a picture of them on your phone? Me neither. Kiss It! by Chandler Gray is a novelty app that allows you to kiss pictures of people. […]