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BodyLanguage Tries to Help You Make the Right Moves

TweetPrice: $1.99    Score: 5/10    By Daniel Bischoff I haven’t run into many self-help app on the app store.  In fact, BodyLanguage is my first.  As far as first impressions go, BodyLanguage, from Sabine Mühlisch, could help you make the right one when you have an important meeting or appointment coming up. First of all, it […]


UrbanCompass Tells You Where to Go (But Not Quite How to Get There)

TweetPrice: Free*    Score: 5/10     By Anna Papachristos Everyone, at some point or another, has needed directions.  Whether you’re traveling in unfamiliar territory or simply looking for something new and exciting in your own area, one can’t know where everything is at all times.  With UrbanCompass by The Good Life, users are supposed to […]


Get a Green Thumb with Landscaper’s Companion

TweetPrice: $9.99    Score:  9/10    By Lara Vukelich As the descendant of women with green thumbs, it is much to my chagrin that I seem to kill every flower or houseplant that has the misfortune of crossing my path. That being said, I will never stop trying to maintain a balcony garden, and Landscaper’s Companion is one […]