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Verizon iPhone in 2010 ‘Unlikely’

TweetIn response to recent rumors that one of two new iPhones in development will be partnered with Verizon, UBS Investment Research analyst Maynard J. Um acknowledged a Verizon launch most likely would not happen in 2010. (via Apple Insider) Um indicated, however, that a CDMA phone launch with other carriers, like China’s Telecom, is possible. […]


Play a Prank, Lose a Friend With Dude, Your Car!

TweetPrice: $0.99  Score: 9/10  By Michelle Schusterman There are April Fool’s jokes, which make you laugh and brighten your day. And then there’s April Fool’s pranks, which are borderline evil. Dude, your car!, designed by Mobilaga, falls into the latter category. The concept is great, but it’s the execution that might make you lose a […]


Released: iTunes 9.1, Compatible With the iPad

TweetApple has released version 9.1 of iTunes, which is compatible with the iPad. According to TiPb, the latest updates include the ability to sync with the iPad, organize books you’ve downloaded from iBooks in your iTunes library, and rename, rearrange, and remove Genius Mixes. iPhoto 8.1.2 is out as well, with the new version fixing […]


University Gives Every Student an iPad

TweetIt’s no longer a question of whether or not we should use tablet computers and other mobile devices in the classroom – it’s just a matter of who’s going to catch on first. Apparently, the answer is Seton Hill University. The University has announced its Griffin Technology Advantage program, in which every full-time student in […]


The iPad App Store in Action (Video)

Tweet9to5Mac posted a video documenting a browse through the App Store on the iPad. Take a closer look at the iPad edition of Brushes, Real Racing (by Firemint), and Twitterific. Browsing the iPad App Store: A Video [By @viticci] from Federico Viticci on Vimeo.


Become a Fan: The App Store’s Facebook Page

TweetNewsworthy mostly because it bodes the question, “You mean they didn’t already have one?” Yes, the iTunes App Store now has a Fan Page on Facebook, and is already closing in on 80,000 fans. Updates are, unsurprisingly, app advertisements, but the discussion page is interesting. Join the conversations covering topics like the best educational apps, […]

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