Sinterra: Partly Cloudy With a Chance of Fun!

Price: $0.99    Score: 7/10    By Sarah ParkerSinterra

Stuck inside all day and need to see some blue sky? Play Sinterra, an easy game with brightly colored balloons and a pleasant theme with gently floating clouds. Created by Snow Storm Software, Sinterra is an image matching game that is easy to play, but can become challenging and addictive.

Sinterra features colorful graphics similar to Snow Storm Software’s other release, Just Poppin’. The aim of the game in Sinterra is to move columns up and down to create horizontal image matches of 3 or more balloons. Matching in this game is only done horizontally however; there are no vertical or diagonal match options. When 3 or more tiles are aligned horizontally, you are awarded points depending on the image type and how many images were matched. The image distribution is uneven, making some images easier to match than others. Cascades are possible, creating even more scoring possibilities and bonus points. As the levels progress, images within your view will randomly disappear, adding to the difficulty level. These disappearing images can often be restored by making high-scoring matches. The game ends when there are no more matches left to make.

Sinterra is very simple in terms of gameplay, but there are a few extras. There is an information feature that reveals the scoring combination for different images and your high scores for the game. There is a brief tutorial, but this option does not always appear at the beginning of each game. Sinterra also has fun sound effects that can play simultaneously with your favorite music.

Sinterra is a quick, pick-up-and-play game that doesn’t take too much commitment with cheerful graphics and fun sounds.. You can pause or end the game at any time, and the app automatically saves your place so you can complete the game at your convenience. Worth a look for fans of puzzle games.

Sinterra is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch; requires OS 2.2.1 or later.

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