Shopper Tops List as the Bargain to Buy

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Shopping lists can be quite a hassle.  Different stores require different lists, but juggling a million slips of paper can lead to forgotten items.  Creating one list with all your desired items can make your task seem daunting – also resulting in confusion.  Luckily, you can dig yourself out from under that pile of mounting lists with a single app – Shopper by MidCentury Software.

Shopper provides a user-friendly interface that offers more features and options than your local grocer’s bread aisle.  To examine every last detail would be like analyzing every apple in the produce section and trying to find that which is most symmetrical – nearly impossible and unbelievably time-consuming.  (Yes, THAT’S how much this app has to offer!)  Instead, let’s browse Shopper and highlight the truly great deals before we fill our cart too high to see!

Upon first loading of Shopper, users are asked for their zip code.  As a way of determining your location, providing this information enables MyFlyers, which keeps track of what is on sale at the various stores in your area.  Shopper searches through the flyers of top retailers (Target, Best Buy, Home Depot, etc.) for you and alerts you as to what is on sale and where, based on items that you have listed.  With one click, Shopper will help you remember exactly where to find that great deal!

After the initial setup, users can begin creating their own itemized lists.  Tapping on the ‘Lists’ button in the top left corner of your screen will take you to the page that shows you every list you have created.  Shopper starts you off with a general ‘Shopping List’ to guide you in the right direction.  Here, users can create multiple lists for multiple stores, with the ability to categorize their lists according to need (automotive, children, clothing, electronics, grocery, home & garden, pet, travel).

Within each individual list is a menu at the bottom of the screen.  On the far right, you will find a gear-like icon that allows you to access the app’s settings menu.  Users can use this to change their zip code, turn off MyFlyers, and calculate for taxes, amongst many other preferences.  The arrow icon alongside the gear allows you to sync and share their list with other family members and/or link it to the Shopper Connect web portal designed specifically for planning and managing your lists online. You can also email their list, cart or both.

The ‘Cart’ icon in the bottom left corner of the screen allows users to create a list of what they have in their cart as it accumulates, or create an inventory of what they already have in their cabinets and pantry.  This organizational tool helps users keep track of what they already have and what they’ve bought.

Next to the cart, you will find the ‘Aisles’ icon, which provides a list of practically every item you could possibly want to buy.  From cream cheese to camcorders, users can browse the aisles, adding items to their list as they come across them.

For each item, users can include their own notes and photos.  Lists can also be password protected so no one can see what items you need for that secret project you’ve got going!

In the middle of the bottom menu we find the ‘+’ icon, which allows you to simply type in an item’s name without having to search the ‘aisles’ for what you need.  However, you don’t necessarily need to type in the desired item.  With their RedLaser Barcode Scanning (U.S. only), Shopper turns your iPhone’s camera into a barcode scanner simply by tapping the ‘Barcode’ button in the top right corner when you press the ‘+’ icon.

Position the item’s barcode within the given parameters and your phone will automatically scan it, adding the item to your list after searching multiple product catalogs to find exactly what it is.  (MyFlyers will even tell you if it’s on special locally!)  Convenient for itemizing your pantry or creating a list while shopping, this barcode system is surely Shopper’s greatest feature.

Users will also find Shopper’s FDA/USDA recall alerts useful, as they will announce when products you may specifically been interested in are recalled or in question.  Sponsored ads catering to your shopping interests provide another convenience, linking you to recipes, contests, coupons and more.  (This characteristic can be turned off with a paid upgrade subscription, which can be processed under the settings menu).

Of course, Shopper has much more in store, with new characteristics popping up during each use.  And at the low price of $.99, this immensely abundant array of features is a true value, if not a steal.  So put Shopper at the top of your list of apps to buy!

Shopper requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later and is compatible with the iPhone.

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2 Responses to “Shopper Tops List as the Bargain to Buy”

  1. TheGooch says:

    “Asks for Zip Code” – And if you live in a country without zip codes,then what? You barely started the review and I’m already worried this app won’t work for me.(US Military, btw )

    “Web Portal” – big plus

    “RedLaser” – Neat but not useful . I can type in information much faster than I can position the item, check the lighting, and scan the item.

    “FDA/USDA recall alerts” – definitely useful for US Products

    You really didn’t cover how the application works. Lets try a scenario – I’m a location-based shopper, so I align my lists to the store that I shop at on a regular basis. There’s an item a need that I can get at 2 of those stores. I mark the item as “needed”, does it show up on both store lists, or just 1? When I purchase it, does it disappear from all lists as I no longer need to buy it?

  2. Dyech says:

    I spotted a niche site yesteday which seemed a lot like this, are you confident somebody is not replicating this specific site?

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